I was born in Saigon, Vietnam. My family and I left Vietnam with the fall of Saigon in 1975.

We settled in the San Fernando Valley, and I attended Van Nuys High School.

I did my undergraduate work at the University of California at Riverside.I studied at the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine. I trained at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital to be a pediatrician.

I found my path back to osteopathy in my last training year in pediatrics when someone asked me for help. He was a young man who was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident. His regular Kaiser doctor (MD) could not help him. He had been to physical therapy for a knee that was operated on three times. Range of motion exercises on this knee caused him tremendous pain and he did not want to go back (2yrs later he asked me for help on his knee ) .

I treated him 3 times for his whiplash and got spectacular results, some that were
expected and a few that were completely unexpected.  I was perplexed, and was left
scratching my head, thinking…”What happened during these visits, what did I do?”

I have a pediatric practice. In the second year in my office, adults started coming to see me and asking for help. I continued to get spectacular results.

Word of mouth spread my reputation and more people came to see me, some came from two counties out of town. I would tell all these adults, “You know that I’m a trained pediatrician, right?” They did not care. They heard and saw for themselves my results. I do not advertise and yet, treating adults with chronic pain is more than 50% of my work now.  My week, at any given time, is booked w/ 10-15 adults, consistently.

Patients think that I am “amazing” or a “miracle worker,” their words, not mine.  I had another patient ask me if I “called up spirits” (I nearly fell out of my chair, when she asked). My Chinese patients think I am manipulating their chi (qi).

An MD once asked me why I did not learn acupuncture because it is generally accepted and known. My response is that I don’t need to learn it. The way I understand it, the chi (qi) is blocked where physical strains intersect. Needles serve to divert chi, but it is only temporary. I release the physical strains and chi flows secondarily.

13 Comments on “About”

  1. coriepup Says:

    I encountered your blog and I am very intrigued. I was diagnosed yesterday with pseudotumor cerebri. The doc sent me a script and said see ya. I have been progressively getting worse over the past 3 years. Now I am just supposed to “hope” this medicine fixes me and forget about everything else? Last week I was told I have stress and that is causing my symptoms. I used to walk 4 miles a day. I am 5’6 &weigh 135. I am getting more frail by the minute. Why doesnt anyone care?

    • letrinh Says:

      so sorry to hear your diagnosis. one good way of looking at this is that they have no answer for why your pressures are up…it is not a brain tumor. i often tell patients it is a good thing sometimes to not have a “label.” this label is useless. My best guess is that pressures are up from past repeated multiple traumas…i would refer you to http://www.cranialacademy.com to find an osteopathic physician near you…to weed out the newbie doctors with less experienced hands, look for one who would respond, wholeheartedly, “yes” if asked if s/he is a “traditional hands on only (10 finger) osteopathic physician with experience with cranial osteopathic manipulation” in practice more than 12 years; will save you a lot of legwork and aggravation…and another great filter would be, “if i needed a prescription, would you be able to fill it” (caution: some will consider this a red flag, because you might be labelled a drug seeker; but you might want to make sure they are licensed)…and lastly, it doesn’t hurt or cost to call and talk. most of us love OMT so much that we don’t charge for the talk. we do care. we are out there, you just have to work a little harder to find us. good luck in your search for the return of your health…i do believe there is an answer for you.

      ADDENDUM: all physician members of wwww.cranialacademy.com are licensed. in case you can’t find one near you, some people just search using google or word of mouth. in my area here in southern california, there are non-medically trained people who say that they do “a little OMT” or something like OMT or “craniosacral therapists” who think they are just as good or make claims that they were “trained” by a D.O., very, very dangerous; you have to be very careful and selective of who you allow to touch your head.

  2. Hi and many thanks for following me on http://www.postofhypnoticsuggestion.wordpress.com I really appreciate your on going support. I’ve followed you back as your site looks really interesting.

    • letrinh Says:

      thanks! right back at you. looking forward to reading more of your posts. loved the one about our patterns of behavior (specifically procrastination)…you can be very inspirational about helping us identify our own tendencies that hold us back in our daily lives; problem is is most of us don’t recognize. how to recognize that there is a problem, is very key.

      • You’re so right! Once you’re in a pattern of behaviour which proves to be a problem, it is extremely difficult to see outside that pattern, so you don’t realise it’s a problem at all.
        I’m glad and somewhat flattered that you are finding it inspiring!
        All the best

  3. Alliandra Marrufo Says:

    Dr can you please show me how I can personally contact you?

  4. Line Says:

    Is this blog still up and going?

    • letrinh Says:

      yes, this blog is still up and going. i like to post when i see or solve an interesting case. Unique health situations that appear to a be puzzle are interesting.
      i would not like to post any common problems that you can find on a million other sites. i hope to provide a different medical perspective. as soon as an interesting thing shows up…guess we will just have to wait…

  5. Meyti Porter Says:

    Dear Dr. Hoang where is your practice we would like to visit you, my 2yrold has the blue vein and vefy bad eczema and allergies always scratching maybe you can help my son. Pls.

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