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#1 Rule for Avoiding C-section!

December 19, 2009

“Go on honey, it’s okay, have some more.  You’re eating

for two.”  This supportive statement, however

well intentioned, is a one-way, fast-track ticket

to a C-section!  I chastise my husband, “No, I am

eating my usual, the baby and I are splitting the

meal! ”  The number one reason for C-section is FTP – failure to progress.  The baby is not coming out.  Why?  the pelvis is not wide enough to accomodate the great big giant melon of a head.  Bad things happen we try to force this.  The answer is prevention.  To prevent this, we should be eating the right foods in the right amount.  At 38wks, we did a 3D ultrasound of my second baby.  The estimated weight of my second was going to be 8lbs.  For an average (by American standards) sized 100% Vietnamese woman (narrow, slender hips)  I was hoping for a 6lber on  my first. Nope, didn’t happen.  Eight would even be unnaturally large.  Scared of complications and the dreaded C-section, I did some last minute changes to my eating habits.  No processed foods.  Only fruits, vegetables and noodle soups.  She came in under 8lbs, 2 ounces less than the first, 1/2 in shorter, with amniotic sac intact, shorter active labor and quicker recovery.  This was an ideal, natural state delivery and very close to a near perfect pregnancy (if only i had eaten zero processed foods, the baby would have been somewhere in the 6lb range.)


Teething rings do not work!!

December 10, 2009

Babies don’t like them. Would you? They are too cold to hold.

Male deer or elk shed their antlers annually as a prelude to the regeneration, or re-growth, of new ones. Their horns, covered in velvet, are very sensitive so they rub frantically to get it off.

One day I was examining a 6 month old with early signs of the first tooth eruption. The baby was drooling like crazy. I saw a sliver of white trying to break through some swollen gums and I thought of those elk. I took my tongue depressor and started filing away.

SURPRISE!!   The baby loved it and smiled while I continued to file.

Since then every baby has responded in the same way. For infants under 1 year I use my fingers and rub firmly. With my baby I use a toothbrush and brush her red and swollen gums. Now that my daughter is 15 months, she holds her own baby toothbrush as I supervise. Caution – Don’t leave your child walking around unattended with a toothbrush in hand or mouth.

Hello World!

December 10, 2009

The mission of this blog is to give people the straight talk. As physicians, we are trained on standards of care across the U.S., but the art of medicine comes into play based on clinical experience and the many different clinical ways people present. My training is in pediatrics and I love taking care of children. I am a D.O.(Doctor of Osteopathic) and also love my osteopathic work. I would like to encourage questions on either of these fronts. My goal is to give you information on “the standard of care.” and tell you what works, what doesn’t, and why; then tell you from experience, what I would do for myself, my friends or my family.