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Osteopathic, What is It?

January 30, 2011

So many people do not know what this is.  Even worse, my most successful patients still have difficulty describing it to others.  I used to be at a loss for how to explain it.  I now can get the message across after a lengthy exposition of its origins, relationship to other types of manual therapies, relative to chiropractic, deep tissue, acupuncture, etc.  I have never been able to succinctly describe in a few sentences.

All of you out there who have been initiated, i.e., have had a treatment, might agree with this description.  Osteopathic is the sensing and reading of the mechanically strained body.  The work is precise hands on reduction of vectors through strained tissues, muscles and bones.   I like this, don’t you.  It is very fitting.  It is appropriately descriptive for everything I do from malformed infant heads to migraines to neck pain, back pain, herniated discs and I love, love, absolutely love, car accidents.


January 24, 2011

I wanted to share with you some of the things my patients shared with me.  This is one of my most favorite compliments.  One of my patients was trying to explain this work to friends and coworkers.  Those of you who have experienced it, you know that it is difficult to comprehend, even more difficult to explain to the uninitiated.  It is perplexing how such light, precise, direct touch can accomplish so much.  Herein lies the mystery, the beauty (and if you heard me whisper some of my personal experiences, the profundity, is that a word?) and ultimately/unfortunately how others are able to perpetrate a fraud upon the unknowing and unsuspecting public.  She was at a loss for words and she summarized it this way, “Dr. Hoang…knows things that other doctors don’t.”  I just thought that was so cool.  Another new patient referred 2 friends and he said, “She could tell me,just by touching me where something happened, which way it was going…”  Neat.  Thanks guys.  There are a bunch of Armenians in Glendale who think I am a “miracle worker.”  And for them I can understand how they think that.  I can only thank them for taking care of themselves (and not altering their strains) that I am able to help their bodies return to closer to normal within one visit.  Awesome.  Before you guys start rolling your eyeballs, thinking, “Her head is getting fatter by the minute,” I will reassure you that that will never happen.  Do you know why?

I have to eat humble pie quite frequently, almost everyday.  I do get it from every direction mind you.   In fact, I’m starting to not like pie at all.  The MDs who don’t know anything of osteopathic work think that I am a second class doctor.  The skeptics who will go to chiropractors, massage therapists, reiki, reflexology 1. have so altered their strains that it is more work for me, 2. they give me fewer chances to get results, 3. they are more skeptical of me even though I am way more educated then all the other people they have already seen (combined), 4. they don’t realize that skeptics and certain personality types can resist treatment.

I also have a few patients who have experienced results and know of others who have benefited despite the fact that these cases are so different.  These women work in the healthcare setting and they know the system.  They see people hurting and suffering within that system.  They tell me that they want to say something to those suffering but feel that they cannot for fear of reprisals.  In the MD/CMS setting they want to say something about OMT (and me) but cannot.  I reassure them that I understand completely.  I do not expect that they risk anything to tell others about this important work.  I do fine.  I have a solid reputation.  All my referrals are word of mouth, now even 2-3 degrees of separation.

Many of you ask, how come I have not heard of this before? or How come no one ever told me about you?  The reasons above explain part of our difficulties.  I do have to explain the other reasons for why others do not broadly discuss osteopathic work; this is an unwritten conspiracy of silence.  Because it is so subtle, other less skilled, less educated, intellectually dishonest people will keep quiet and let others suffer.  It is primarily an issue of…economics and secondarily, aspiration.  Within the San Gabriel Valley, people know of us traditional osteopathic physicians, myself and several other colleagues.  I know and hear of physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors who know our work and yet I have never had a single referral.  (I know because these patients eventually come to me still strained and still suffering and they tell me they’ve seen this person or that person, doing this or that and charging them a certain amount; invariably, they got jack for their money).  If these practitioners admit that they are less skilled even though they have taken osteopathic weekend courses that have been significantly “watered down”  for their consumption, then their business would be completely decimated.  It might have blogged of this before.  When their clients leave them for lack of results, they keep mum, and do not discuss osteopathic as an option.  Someday, I might blog about the secondary issue of Aspiration, maybe not at all…

Those of you out there who are my most stalwart and staunch supporters, rest assured, I will continue to fight the good fight.  Please share these blogs with your friends and family, pass it along.  I hope to shed light on some of the inner workings of the medical system so that you may educate yourself and others.  Most of all be skeptical of what is first offered to you, seek second opinions and always expect and demand results.

So Very Close…

January 23, 2011

Hello my faithful readers, all three of you.  I wanted to share with you some exciting news.  I am so very close to figuring out migraines.  I am so close to a migraine cure.  It is hard to believe.. You know your doctor keeps talking about avoiding triggers and pills when it happens…well, guess what, those are all…secondary.  Today I made a stupendous breakthrough.  Lets start from the beginning several months ago…I was able to help several people get slowly better but I could not quite predict the timing, the response… I always say that any doctor worth his or her salt should be able to anticipate, explain, predict and give sustained lasting results.  And I did this today…2 patients…

J.  comes to me intermittently for back pain.  Today, he brings in eye pain, previously diagnosed as ocular migraine.  This is the first time in years that this problem has popped back up.  I asked some questions and summarized his issues for him. Your past migraines were worse when you were cycling.   They calmed down for a period of time after you started marathon running.  After you hurt your knee, you were unable to run and it started back up.  He remarked that my observations were impressive and spot on.  Then I told him that his eye migraine was coming from his L hip.  The L hip was his bad side because he had fallen on it frequently.  I offered to prove that it to him and did so quite easily.

The second migraine case today came in because she had neck pain and numbness in her shoulder and hands.  The neat thing was that she was referred to me by 2-3 degrees of separation.  As I was treating her, I said, “I’m suprised you don’t have migraines.”  She responded, “Oh, yes I do.”   Then it clicked.  Her migraines were connected to and mostly likely caused by her neck pain.

I got so excited about the possibility of offering migraine cure and a guarantee that I got a website to explain it all so far.  Read and please tell me if I am wrong at

Doctor, What Exercises Should I Do?

January 18, 2011

I get this question frequently from my chronic pain patients.  They see some relief and they want to do more and whatever they can to get there faster.  The short answer is whatever feels right.  If there is a pull or a tweak, then that position puts additional strain on the system that the load can not be borne for too long before spasm happens.  If it makes you feel good it somehow reduces mechanical strain and it is good. 

If you notice, most of my responses are…easy, calm down, don’t spaz out (mentally or emotionally); instead of go, go, go…slow down, back off…how about some rest? If you do this, you have a better chance of sensing what is going on with your body.

I always tell patients that if I tell you to do something and it doesn’t feel right, then I am wrong and you and your body know way better than what I (even with my vast knowledge and experience) can ever theorize about your problem, pain or strain.  The body knows.  This is why an intact, mechanically unadulterated system, however much in pain, will always respond “miraculously” to osteopathic treatment.  We treat by reading the tissues and helping the tissue do what it needs and wants to do and have done upon it.  That is why adulterated strains within a system that has been beaten down by deep tissue, range of motion PT, ultrasound, nerve stimulator electrocuted, multiple handed, multiple modalitied tenderized tissues never ever respond, much less, in a predictable manner.   For these patients, they are disappointed in OMT, they think I am a quack and they do not understand why several people who don’t know each referred them to me.  For these people, osteopathic is… nothing special.   Far from it…this work is so profound, so beautiful, I am so enamored of it, I can not wait for the next 30 years.  Can you believe it?  I can’t wait, I am so excited about…getting older… because it means more experience…Ah…I digress…I am demonstrating a general nuttiness over this…

To get back to the question, I usually respond with this, “Go out… hunt, gather, and run from predators.”  Although we are injured, the activities for survival require that we keep moving.  The more we move the muscles work and the body has a chance to absorb, adapt and compensate for the strain.  If we stop…we die.  Now, believe it or not, the pain serves a purpose.  The spasm serves a purpose.  They serve as splinting mechanisms so that the strained tissue continues to send these messages so that you can be more careful so that you do no further injury.  Anything else, pills, injections, nerve stimulators are mere…distractions that lead you into a false sense of security and disconnects you from your true tissue state.  Nothing is resolved and, invariably, lead you to reinjury and further pain cycles.

Health…What is It?

January 5, 2011

Where does it reside?  I ask a colleague of mine this all the time.  We know when we are not healthy.  We are ill.  We can not function because something is wrong.  We go to the doctor to figure out what is wrong.  The doctor in the Conventional Medical System (CMS), will make a diagnosis.  With a diagnosis, we have an expectation that a biochemical pharmaceutical agent will eradicate the cause of our ill health.  But that does not answer the question.  Two stories…

One of my good familes, the children always have issues with allergies.  Never have I ever seen the boy with any GI issues.  There is a mild stomach flu going around and he catches it.  This year the stomach flu is mild with only a low grade fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea for 3 days.  In healthy kids it is self limited and without any intervention goes away by itself.  Mom brings him in 3wks later and he is still complaining of abdominal pain. The bowel sounds are a bit loose and runny.  After much discussion, this mom thought that she would help him after his stomach flu and fed him several dairy based probiotics.

I met a new family and they were so excited that I did not push the vaccines.  Their only child had a bad reaction to a vaccine and they are so guilt ridden.  They decided to educate themselves.  Since then, they’ve cleaned up their diets and added probiotics and supplements.  They talk about all these things they are doing  and giving to him and it starts to make me think.

Just like my earliest family with the baby who’s skin rash persists after 3 wks despite all the creams and topicals applied (Read this post under For Olga). 

With these three cases, these parents are very bright people.  I think that we have been so conditioned to do, do, do.  We are always in this rush to control things that we start to believe that we can control everything.  Once again, my immigrant mentality is to leave things well enough alone. 

As with these pediatric cases, occasionally, my chronic pain cases also manifest this need to do, do, do to control, control, control.  Most of the time I see this in these go, go, go women.  They have done everything, deep tissue, ultrasound, chiropratic, physical therapy.  They have so altered their mechanical strain I have to clean up all this extra stuff before I can actually treat the accumulated traumatic strain.

What I want to showcase is that Health is…the absence of disease…it is our Most Natural State and it is Intrinsic.  It is not beyond our control and it is certainly not external.  For us disease is the endpoint of a process of mechanical strain.  An unstrained body is a healthy body.  Health resides within.  When I treat a patient occasionally that patient or a parent will ask, What are you feeling for?  You might have heard this before from me…Sometimes, we need to back off…Retreat so that the body has a chance to heal…give it time to accomodate strain and from that chaos, there is reorganization, there is balance, there is…calm…and that is health.

2010 in review

January 3, 2011

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