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Hello and Update

July 18, 2012

hi all (all 3 of you), it has been a while.  I am so ready to resurface now. 

I just self-published through Amazon my ebook, Case Files of the Osteopathic Physician, Stories of Healing from A to Z.  I am excited about it.  I hope to show people, patients, parents on a case by case basis how and why the CMS (conventional medical system) often fail. So often, once patients get a label, a biochemical, pharmaceutical approach is thrown at them, with the intent of lifetime use and dependence.  Generally, getting to the root of the problem, its primary cause is never addressed, so that the patient never returns to health, continues to need pills, tests, more unending doctor visits, interminable dependence on it, the CMS.  If this ebook is a hit, I will follow up with Part II, Serious Severe Disease, from A to Z.  This will include new discoveries and epiphanies that I have recently come to understand that the forces that shape who we are may be…predetermined.  Sad, but true…It can explain who we came to be, why we devolop into the person we are…once we understand our Self, we can accept, forgive and love. [Never in my life, did I ever think that I would ever think like that.]  Holy cows and canolis!  Please share and forward the ebook info to friends and family you think might be interested.

First week of August 2012, I will be pediatric guest speaker for the American College of Osteopathic Family Practice Physicians.  Yahoo! On my way…

As you may or may not know, I did open my Beverly Hills Office and started seeing patients…it is going slow, difficult to build a reputation in a new community.  I will be starting on the website soon, hopefully more dynamic and interactive with videos of patients before and after.  I will be selling new, my products throught it as well.  I have to admit, I never, in my life, ever thought I would be doing something like this…ever.  But let me explain…

About 1 year ago, when my second baby turned 18months, I decided to clean myself up.  I had the girls and was strolling them through a very rare mall visit to a big department store so I could buy a grand brand name moisturizer. I was stopped by one of those skin care kiosk salesperson.  He saw my dried out, sagging face and knew he had locked in a big sale.  Despite my wariness, I purchased this wonderful “organic, dead sea salt” stuff.  Let me tell you, I loved it…for 3 months.  Three months later, my eyelids started to itch. I was perfectly happy and willing to buy whatever was out there for my skin.  Unfortunately, my skin was not cooperating.  So, I had to brainstorm.  I started ordering medical grade ingredients.  I went to stores to buy raw ingredients.  I started measuring, cooking, diluting, recooking, straining my concoctions and then testing them all on my own face, neck and boobs.  I saw results after having cast out doubt of an overactive imagination (and a couple of women patients confirmed their results).  Then I thought if I can do this for my skin…I started making a hair solution…I was shocked at the results…one of my patients came back and showed me the baby hairs on her head and eyebrows (and she is hypothyroid, they lose the outside third of their eyebrows, and nobody knows why. consequently, if she regained them, then we have some information as to what the hypothyroid state does, ie, at least that follicles in that area are not dead).  I went home and mixed a super strong batch for me.  Then I really went crazy.  I came to understand what the mechanical strains of pregnancy did to a woman’s body on the microscopic, molecular level and thereby contributing to the ageing process. 

last 2 months my husband tells me that I have been “obsessed.”  I am determined to transform and get back as close to my prepregnant body as possible.  This is not just a matter of “looks” as he thinks it is…I am vastly gaining knowledge about skin, tissue plasticity leading to a greater understanding of health, aging by being my own guinea pig…stay tuned….

Last week I handed out free samples of my eye serum and hair solution to my hair stylist.  The feedback is that the men love the hair serum and are ready to buy.  Some women are ready to buy the eye serum too.