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There is Something Wrong with My Baby! update

June 30, 2010

The once in a lifetime opportunity to help my baby presented itself in the form of a conference led by an 80 year old retired osteopath.  I called up his co-presenter crying that I was at my wit’s end.  No one believed that my baby was in trouble; or maybe they believed me, but no one was able to help her in the way that I knew she needed to be helped, in the way that I have helped other babies.  I confessed that in all that frantic swinging to help her sleep, I dropped her.  She did a face plant onto cheap, not very soft, industrial carpet at the office [she was treated the next day to undo the trauma of the face and body slam, but…].  The co-presenter dampened my spirits by telling me that there were at least 15 (yes, that many) other doctors who were hoping to be treated by the old guy.  And even then, the old Doctor’s willingness to treat others depends on his mood, his health, etc. so that I should not count on it.  I was told, “LeTrinh, the one thing  you have going for you is that you have a baby and he loves treating babies.”

We packed up and hauled the family to San Francisco.  On the first day, I broke down, cried and shared with a doctor friend.  Somehow, the old Doctor heard. He took my hand and pulled me to the front.  He treated me from head to toe in all of 20 minutes.  That night, by the look in my baby’s eyes, I could tell that she knew I was feeling better.

The next day, when he asked for her, I gladly retrieved her from our room.  Before we got started, all these doctors took out their cameras and paid attention.  It made me think that it did not matter how many doctors I took her to, very few, if any would be able to do what he did.  As he was treating her, there was a point where she paused, calmed and as if to say, “hey, what just happened?”  Then she started kicking and fussing with a fake cry, ‘hey, let me up.”   He said that he got most of the trauma out and that she would work out the remainder herself.   That night was the first night in her poor little life that she slept on her back and nursed with me in bed.

She continues to be able to sleep on her back.  But she needs to nurse to do it or without it, the carcolepsy is the only thing that will do her in.  She has made a lot of progress, but I am still looking for more help, rather than waiting for her to ‘outgrow’ it.  I see children who still haven’t ‘outgrown’ their sleep issues.  When I treat them specifically, they sleep better.  So, my search for the final answer continues.