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Help Melva

December 10, 2010

Melva is my dedicated receptionist.  Several weeks ago she experienced a fire and lost everything.  They barely escaped with their lives.  It was a electrical fire and the landlord are now doing her an injustice – no apologies, insurance not paying for the loss.  This Christmas is going to be a little difficult.  She is now moved in with family but still needs help.  Please send what you can to Melva Espinoza, c/o Dr. Hoang at 51 North Fifth Ave, Suite 201, Arcadia, Ca, 91006.

Diet and Lifestyle

December 7, 2010

We all know that saying about the most important thing in real estate is…Location, Location, Location.   Well, you have also heard this before…that the causes of chronic human disease are, yes, diet and lifestyle.  I never really thought about this until now…

In the third and fourth year of medical school we are required to do clinical rotations.  These two years we spend following other doctors to find out what field of medicine we want to train.   When Iwas a student rotating through internal medicine, the types of adult diseases I saw over and over again were heart disease, lung disease, liver disease and diabetes.  Right after that, in the next month, I did pediatrics.  It was wonderful, all those sweet beautiful babies.  They were innocent victims of these horrible infectious agents that cause disease.  Now that I am a pediatrician, it wasn’t until this last year that I came to this conclusion.  A good portion of pediatric disease can be attributed to…diet and lifestyle.  You skeptics out there, you think, what is she talking about?  Yep, I’ve come to this final conclusion after much waxing and waning philosophical.  We have an immune system that patrols our blood stream.  It is responsible for fighting off early infectious agents and preventing them from taking hold in our body and causing disease.  The CMS (conventional medical system) would say any that this agent causes this disease and we should develop a vaccine against it.  This does not make sense because in life, there are plenty of viruses and bacteria out there ready to take hold.   The way we are going, by the end of the century, babies will have 100 vaccines they need to be protected against by the end of their first two years.  They of the CMS do not rationalize that hey, why are kids getting sick?  What is wrong with their immune system?  Why is the immune system not doing its job?  If they don’t address that, then “sickness’ is the normal that we constantly have to battle against.  That is not life.  That is not my PEDIATRICS. 

Back to my original point, yes, most diseases of infants and children can start way back at the beginning in mama’s belly can caused by…diet and lifestyle.  If mama, in her younger days acquired traumatic strain, her body, the vessel is mechanically deranged.  There can be fertility issues, pain issues, and pregnancy complications.  Then if she eats poorly the infant has a poor start in terms of being too big, too small, premature.  Then if she does not have an ideal pregnancy, there are interventions.  Not good.  If there is medical intervention, there is decreased chance of immediate latching and nursing of the infant.  If this does not happen, this child’s immune system will be affected immediately and into the future.   There we have it…diet and lifestyle.

Eleven years ago, someone stopped me and asked for help.  Poor guy.  His car was at a stop.  A drunk driver hit him from behind.  It wasn’t his fault.  It was just bad luck. One month later, he cannot turn his head either way without pain.  I am glad he asked.   As I got better, I thought, I like this chronic pain osteopathic stuff.  People hurt from car accidents and injuries.  This is good.  I can do this.  Now, I am starting to see that it is 95% lifestyle.  The work that we do, the daily grind, the way we exercise and destress all contribute to repetitve strain injuries.  Wow…I am still amazed by the enormous influence of diet and lifestyle on our health.  Health..what is it anyways?  Stay tuned…

Doctor, My Baby’s Soft Spot is Hard and Very Small!

December 2, 2010

I bet there are plenty of mommies and grandmamas out there who look, check, and look again.  The first baby or the first grandchild is beautiful, healthy, nurse well and is such a wonderful ‘good’ baby.  And people quietly notice the soft spot pulsating.  Is this directly related? Why, yes it is.  The compressed infant was able to expand and decompress immediately after birth and the ‘good’ baby is the ideal, healthy, calm and happy.

Then with the next child or next grandchild, this baby is different.  There were some manageable diffiiculties.  Labor was not ideal.  It was difficult.  Baby might have been a few days to a week overdue.  Mommy may have needed an epidural or pitocin (a medication given to “augment labor” and shove the baby’s head through the birth canal).  The baby had some latching difficulties.  You had a lactation counselor try to help you, but the baby just won’t take.  The baby doesn’t open wide enough to engult the whole areola and ends up gumming your breasts.  The nipples are raw, cracked and you scab, nurse, are gummed and re-bleed.  The baby may or may not be fussy (yet).

You say, “All this from the birth?”  Yes, absolutely.  You try cramming your head in a vice for 36hours.  You wouldn’t come out without a headache.  You wouldn’t be anywhere near normal.  Try wearing restrictive head gear tight for a few hours.  You would not survive a day or even two.  Does it seem possible that an arduous birth process, far from ideal could possibly lead to early latching and breastfeeding issues, and later colic, facial eczema, and funny looking malformed heads. Much later on after accumulating more head trauma can this lead to developmental delay, AUTISM, headaches, allergies, ADHD and behavioral issues? hmmmm… How do I know all this?  Because I treat all of theses problems with osteopathic manipulative treatments and parents notice a difference.  Read and see the prior posts.  Look at the website with the great before and after pictures and even the YouTube channel.  Do you know of any other pediatrician who can get these kinds of changes?

Doctor, I’m Cold All the Time!

December 1, 2010

I hear this from women all the time.  Unfortunately, it is not as easy to figure out as most people would think.  First, let’s take the easy answer.  Your PCP or GYN doctor will want to do labs to make sure your thyroid is working.  The thyroid is a gland in the front of your neck and it makes a hormone that pretty much runs your body’s metabolism, the furnace that is your body.  I do not want to repeat what other well respected medical sites explain.  This post assumes that you have already addressed these issues with a medical professional and was reassured, rebuffed,  or given a nonsense answer and continue to seek.

In the context of chronic pain, this is very common.  Not only are you cold all the time, but you are heavy as well.  How does all this make sense?  People in chronic pain carry traumatic strain.  Layers of strain block the flow of qi (chi), dare I say it?…the flow of…energy.  Heat and energy are one and the same, interconvertible.  The muscles are strained, they don’t function at maximal capacity to act as a metabolic furnace, burning energy and heating up your body and fat layers.  On of my patients describes it as that the energy is not strong enough to get out to the periphery.  So what do you do to get better and lose the weight?  You definitely have to eat and drink more strictly that most other people.  Internally, OMT, osteopathic manipulative treatments can reduce the mechanical strains and secondarily, chi and energy flow better; the muscles and tissues have a better chance of returning to normal function; later aerobic exercise will burn energy as efficiently as possible.  Externally, losing the fat can happen faster and cheaper if you can get the tissue to heat up and sweat.  This means a sauna or direct application of heat.