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Gap In Baby Teeth

March 10, 2012

All right…I am going to confess right now.  I have been obsessing over my 2 girls upper lip frenulum for something as minor as a future cosmetically thin upper lip.  Will they ever have full symmetrical lips?  At first I thought, and will admit, that I may be a psycho crazy momma.  Women pay to inject synthetics into their thin upper lips.  Women who can’t afford injections draw out a fuller lip with lipstick, daily.  What a way to live!  So I did a minor surgical procedure on them, which I will not detail, but will mention that it made their daddy nervous.  Good news is that it has helped.  Because I also happen to be a pediatrician, I started to notice other mommies cosmetic concerns, which is the gap in the upper incisors caused by persistence of this tissue flap.  I resorted to doing this to my kids, because I can.  I did not want to do it, but who else would do so?  I first thought of a dentist. Some won’t do it because it would be a cosmetic procedure and insurance won’t pay.  Then I thought of an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor.  But those guys are so busy doing reconstruction for cancer patients, patients with breathing problems.  They don’t want you to waste their time on such a minor…superficial issue.  So I decided today to start doing this for other mommas as a preventative and cosmetic procedure.  As you can see below, the results cosmetically for the lip is immediate and dramatic.  I will update in the future with photos of the teeth to show you how they progress.  This little guy was not happy with me, but both his momma and I agree that it was all for the best.  Braces in the future are costly, in terms of time and money, not to mention the potential for headaches and jaw pain for adolescents, or worse, adults with image issues who want to close that gap.  I am literally, nipping this in the bud. Call the office if you want this done.  Letrinh Hoang, D.O.  51 North Fifth Ave., Suite 201, Arcadia, Ca 91006 626-358-2500