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Pure Baby

July 5, 2014

Last week I saw a beautiful baby that I have to say is pure beauty and perfection…of tissue. You would argue with me, all babies are beautiful and perfection…I had to post about this experience because this was a special case…This 6 month old was so alert and watching our discussion very clear eyed. But they all do, you say…As I was doing the physical exam, he was lean but his tissues, the feel of him, firm, real of pure substance (no excess subcutaneous fat, just enough), his range of motion in his legs and arms, full, even and balanced (not too loose, not too tight, hardly any residual fetal tensions in hips). As a pediatrician, I see a lot of babies, his feel was real. I have never treated him osteopathically and he should never need it…It must all that wonderful breastmilk…on top of that the extra food that mom is preparing for him…it must be the kale too…Okay, I am in awe…Most of my mommies breastfeed, but to get your infant to eat the extra that he is already getting through your breastmilk and for him to like kale, that is amazing…i told his mommy that i was going to blog about this…Most of you are wondering, Big deal, why is she raving about his ‘feel?’ Look if you have seen the before and after treatment photos and videos, my hands are super sensitive and know things (far beyond mere mortals) just from the nature of the osteopathic work. i am raving about this means that the less real feel of formula fed babies comes from a false food that imparts a strange otherness that is not ordinarily recognized and so is presumed to be ‘normal.’ So this means that the junk we eat is used to rebuild and remodel a false infrastructure…So how do we maintain health, remain disease free if the underlying structure is not what it should be…