Legs Out!

Children always sit with their knees angulated because it is easier.  It looks deceptively stabilizing.  I visit my pediatrician friend and her kids did the same thing.  Because they are young and still developing, the sitting that way, with the feet out to the sides, they can potentially cause the head of the femur to internally rotate and develop that way.  When a child walks and ‘toes in’ (also called pigeon toes) we do an examination to see whether the cause is at the ankles, knees or hips.  This is a bad habit that needs to be broken and I never imagined how difficult it is for mommies to constantly remind their child to sit the proper way.  Here is my secret.  Feef free to share it, but always attribute your source.  My 2year old since her first visit to the park at 18months has always, consistently, heard the same instructions from me on how to go down the slide.  Up, Up, Up (the steps).  Sit down, legs out, Down you go!  They always need consistency – for learning and for language.

Now when she sits in the bath or out in the living room playing,  Kathleen, legs out and she does it.  The great thing about this age is she will do it.  Easy as pie.

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