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More on Vaccines and the CMS

March 6, 2014

Today I met parents who were looking for a new pediatrician. The one they had previously selected had promised to be vaccine friendly. When the time came, they got the talk and some nudging towards starting. They did not like the pressure and felt like they got the bait (yes, we can go slow on the vaccines) and switch (when the time came, eyeball rolling). As they told me about their baby, I became concerned. The baby was one and a half weeks overdue. Labor was slow, difficult and lasted 3 days, yes, 3 days. At 3 weeks of life, she stopped breathing and got purple around the lips. The dad had to do CPR. They went to the hospital and were told they see this “all the time.” They suggested, that she really did not really need the CPR, that she would have “come out of it.” They wanted to know if I could affirm their concerns and would support their decision to not vaccinate. I absolutely agreed. This child’s life started off with some degree of difficulty. If mom could breastfeed out to 6 months, this is the last child I would want to vaccinate, if at all! Parents, I want to shout out to you to trust your instincts. Do not let anyone force you to do something that feels wrong. I need to explain to you how they, the doctors of the CMS (read my prior post on the CMS) think. They, regular pediatricians, believe that she should be vaccinated according to the newest latest schedule; maybe especially because she had some early issues. They need “protection” of those vaccines. However contrarian my perspective, I think my logic is more sound. Her neonatal head was clamped down through a 3 day process. She needs time for that head to decompress and the brain and nervous system need a chance to develop. Ninety-five percent of the blood pumped into the brain drains out of the veins in the back of the skull. With that difficult delivery, those drainage vessels are kinked. Any products circulating in the blood can easily be deposited in the brain. So parents, here are some signs to be concerned.
Babies born by difficult delivery should be carefully examined to make sure that the soft spot is soft and pulsating. Hard tight, small and poofed out spots are reflective of pressures that are not allowing the skull plates to expand. Look for veins on the scalp that bulge or faint purple spider veins around the eyelids (read my prior post “Doctor, what is that blue mark on my baby’s face?”). Difficult labors that are too long (more than 16hours) or too painful, is a harbinger of problems to come. Usually, poor progress is a result of past traumas to the maternal pelvis which leave the deep pelvic muscles in chronic spasm. In delivery, they cannot relax and phase with the symphony of events that are important to vaginally pass the baby. When the baby comes out, there is a weak cry, there is poor latching, poor nursing. The baby grows to be fussy, arches a lot, has frequent spit ups that eventually become “reflux.” The baby stiffens up and is too alert. Yes, parents, you need to go with your gut. Take heart and keep searching for answers.



September 20, 2010

Okay.  I will now admit it.  I am a pediatrician and I have not vaccinated my children.  I don’t know if I will.  I might do it later.  I might change my mind and not do it at all.  Firstly, I breastfed my babies.  Secondly, they rarely eat processed foods.  Every day the 2year old has fruit and vegetables and 2 meat dishes.  The only thing she gets to drink is water.  I’ve done everything right.  The girls are hardly ever sick.  The 2year old is pretty much out of the risk period.  The question goes back to why? 

Vaccines do not cause autism.  It is very clear.  There are some children who are susceptible to vaccine injury.  That is the neurological familial set up.

I think that I don’t want to adulterate their pure bodies.  They have been treated by the best osteopaths for their birth strain.  As they grow up and acquire more traumatic strain, I am there to treat them.  They are unstrained and as pure and close to the Most Natural State as possible.  The balanced unstrained system is not susceptible to and should be able to ward off any infection.  Because they are mechanically pure and unstrained, biochemically, if they took meds they would respond within the statistical norm, as expected and predicted – no adverse reactions. 

Likewise, if they are given vaccinations, I do not believe that they will have any problems.  Their bodies would appropriately mount an immunological response within minutes of an injection.  In their lifetime, as they grow up, I may not be around to watch over them every second.  I expect them to acquire and accumulate strain.  I also expect that they will come to, through peer pressure or recklessness, in time, adulterate their bodies.  I want to delay that adulteration as long as possible.  The immune response component of the vaccine is not the problem, it is all those other chemicals, vehicles that go into the production of a vaccine that bother me.  As with pills, the active ingredients are packed and ground up with ‘binders’ and ‘inactive ingredients.’  Let’s not forget about how emotionally traumatic it is to get vaccinated.

There is also the mattter of this world versus that.  Which world?  The biochemical statistical world, the world of the orwellian double plus ungood CMS (read my blog on the Conventional Medical System and Pseudotumor) misthink versus the physics based mechanically unstrained biological systems world of the traditional osteopaths.  I used to think like them, those of the CMS.  I used to want to be one of them.  I used to be skeptical that Osteopathy could stand alone as major global philosophical medical model. 

FYI, when A.T. Still, MD started the Osteopathic Schools he never intended for them to work  ‘synergistically’ with the CMS.  He intended for Osteopathy to usurp the CMS as a superior approach to disease prevention/treatment.  In the  world of the CMS, a diseased system, is overwhelmed, sick and on the verge of collapse.  Intervention is invasive, abrasive often offensive and necessary to save lives.  But thereafter, you are left to pick up the pieces to learn to live on a day to day basis.   I used to and still do  live in and practice in that world.  In these last few years I have saved childrens’ lives.  I get terribly stressed to think about what could have happened if I had missed those diagnoses.  Also in these years, with increasing work in OMT on adults and children, I have balanced systems so that they recover and return to the Most Natural State, unstrained, and in Health.  In an office visit I will present some options, if a parent chooses the CMS, I actually do not try to persuade them otherwise.  In fact, I shut up.  Why?  Because, it is my job to present treatment plans.  They choose what they are comfortable with.  If they choose the CMS, they, or their child,  in effect becomes the ‘control’ subject and I end up observing how their choices play out (read my blog on Scoliosis and Short Leg after Fracture).

What I am saying is that I know something else, something different.  I know another way.  If you have seen the pictures in my past postings, achieving results where others cannot, where others have failed, you too will see.  These patients saw their MDs, been through physical therapy, tried chiropractors, acupuncture, you name it.   Now MDs who choose not to vaccinate their children, well…they are just crazy.  Most of them are not.  In fact most MDs I know trust their CMS and do not deviate from it.  They hold fast to it, even at their peril and loss of their health.  I know of 2 MDs who have had back and neck surgeries.  Needless to say the outcomes were not good.  One of my patients is an ICU nurse who had neck surgery.  I am able to correct the rest of her issues (back, hip, leg and knee pains) except those upstream from the surgery. If an ICU nurse, completely immersed in the CMS chooses to see a pediatrician DO traditional osteopathic physician, well that says a  lot, doesn’t it?   MDs would have to hold to the CMS because if they found out about the traditional osteopaths, they would have to be intectually honest and give up their life’s work.  That is too much to ask of any one.  I too was lost, once.  I have found my way back.

I always say that when an MD can get the same results I get (see all those pictures on the website, youtube channel, and past posts), then we will be able to see eye to eye.  In the meantime, they can pooh-pooh me, I’ll ignore them and go about my way.  My colleagues who do traditional osteopathic work encourage me to be strong and not cave in to my allopathic MD pediatrics training.  They too discourage vaccinations.   

Those of you parents who read this are probably now majorly confused.  Sorry.  What do you do?  Most of my patients hedge their bets.  They try to breastfeed as much as they can.  Most have allowed me to treat birth strain.  I have even treated moms after their second child.  Boy, I always heard that every woman needs to be mechanically treated after 2 kids.  Now I believe it.  The mechanical distortion is extreme…Those who come to me late, the strains have already set.  They get some limited vaccines.  I tell parents what to look for so that the child can get OMT early.  We try not to use antibiotics.  We try other meds first.   I am now also adding homeopathic remedies to my armamentarium.

I especially respect those parents who know their way and insist on no vaccines.  They don’t want me to try and persuade them.  And I don’t.  In their minds, they already know what makes sense to them.  They’ve made their choice.  The risks are theirs to bear.  Other people uncommitted to a path, may choose to follow an onerous schedule without consideration of the trauma of a vaccine injection visit.   This does not make sense to me at all.  Make a decision.  Commit one way or another.  Trust MDs or trust DOs.  Make a choice.  What makes sense to you?