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The Depleted Mother Syndrome

July 3, 2010

After having one baby most women recover nicely.  By the second one, however, something happens to the mother’s body.  Without rest, exercise and a varied diet to replenish, despite supplementing, some women find that they continue to lose hair, can not lose the weight and generally feel blah.  I find that theses moms tend to have pre-existing medical conditions that make  it difficult for the woman to mechanically return to their previously unstrained prepregnancy body.  Are you a depleted mother?  How do you know?  A simple question to ask yourself is if you feel that after the second baby if things have never been the same.  

There are even some of you mommies out there who have done all the right things, rested, exercised and still can not lose the weight.  The problem is that if the physics of the body is distorted it will affect the biochemistry of the body.  Have no fear, I have found the answer.  Unfortunately, biochemically replenishing yourself with supplements will not remedy the situation.  First, you need osteopathic manipulative treatment to mechanically correct the body.  Alas, I can not reveal the what I do for my mommies.  You have to call and make an appointment.