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Speech and Other Oral Issues

April 8, 2014

My older girl is 5.5 years. When she was toddling about and starting to form words, I noticed that the right side of her lips would tweak over asymmetrically to the right. When she started to speak more words, her tongue would stick out and then deviate to the right. Watching her, I knew that this was something beyond her control. She did not actively thrust that tongue out. It was as if, there wasn’t room back there so it couldn’t shorten, fatten and tuck itself back there. The only way for it to have room is to narrow and lengthen and poke out. I carried so much guilt for so long thinking that I did something, if not causing it, then exacerbating it. I took her to several DO colleagues, but I did not see any effect. I resolved to have patience and wait until she was old enough to understand and then train her to train it. Last night was the first time in 5 years that I had hope of curing her. But first, let me introduce how I came upon this concept and how it is that I have reached this one fantastic conclusion…

I have been frustrated in the last several years with cases of complicated children. These children had various manifestations of structural issues: 1) a brother with tight hard head, his sister severe knock-knees, constipation, and allergies; 2) there was another child who was severely cone-headed, chronic thumb sucker who was diagnosed at age 3 with “dyspraxia;” 3) a pair of sisters with chronic middle ear infections; 4) 2 brothers and their sister with multiple chronic allergies, multiple idiosyncratic drug reactions, anxiety, OCD behaviors and disordered sleep. They all had one thing in common – tight hard craniums. It was driving me nuts! I could not figure them out. I know I don’t suck. I know my business (we doctors are risk averse, one does not decide to open an office in Beverly Hills, Ca without some confidence of success). Really, its not me…It’s them, It’s you, all you complicated cases out there are just a great big pile of garbled strains too difficult to untangle for mere mortal doctors, MDs and most DOs for that matter. So what contributed to these hard heads?
The common denominator…high velocity traumatic vectors, all car accidents…in the maternal pelvis…years prior to conception. I have concluded that the force and momentum of the collision is impressed into the body so that it is incapable of maximal physiologic expansion during pregnancy, so that it ‘keeps’ the memory and strain pattern in place, even as the baby develops. In other words, your baby was…formed in chaos. From thereon, health problems ensue…’imperfection’ unfolds…All these kids responded when I treated them as if they themselves were in the same accident as their mommies. Respectively, the mommies of the children above, experienced 1) t-bone motor vehicle accident, 2) t-bone, spin and flip – as 3 separate car accidents over the course of 20 years, 3) mother fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into a tree, 4) got thrown out of a moving car at 40 mph when she was 5 years old, rolling down the street for 100 yards – talk about chaos…shee-eesh.

In the past four months, I have been treating myself for my t-bone car accident when I was 18 years old. It was so minor, passenger car door mildly dented in a parking lot where the other driver was going maybe 10 mph tops. I had forgotten it. I treated myself and am still astounded by the degree of its effect on my physical body, all this time, unbeknownst to me.

So last night, I reached the conclusion that if this theory held correct for my patients, then it should hold true for my daughter. I asked her if I could treat her head and she responded “Yes, because my S’s aren’t right.” Aaawww, ūüė¶
I treated her as if she was t-boned in a car accident. This morning as I prompted her to say “schoolbus” and “medicines,” her lisp did not sound that bad. Her tongue still stuck out past her teeth, but a lot less, and it was closer to midline…it is all so clear now…this explains her whole origin, her beginning…in chaos…what??!! When I was carrying her in my belly, she would only settle to my left side. She did not venture to the right, the impact side…there could not have been any room. Rarely did she even move and float around in the middle. That whole ‘sidedness’ is in her being, in her head and in her formation…So I treated her specifically for it and everything seems to soften overnight…it is direct effect I see that leads me to causation…for how we are and how we came to be…

So…mommies, it you are still searching for answers…here it is…you had a high velocity impact on your pelvis when you were younger. Your child is bearing the effects of that momentum and force in their formation…I absolve you of any guilt. You did not cause nor contribute to your child’s problem. If you still have a choice for a current pregnancy or future child, please choose a C-section. Your child’s “ill health” is a late effect of a failed attempt to contain chaos…good luck to you and your child. find a DO near you, the older the better. if you don’t see immediate, at least next day results, send them this link; the higher precision the treatment the more instantaneous the changes…

Geniuses Are Made

August 7, 2010

People are not born geniuses. Yep.¬† They may be born with the potential, but it has to be tapped. I have reached this conclusion after much thought.¬† The beautiful infant brain that, ideally, is floating in a weightless environment freely forming for 40wks unfettered is, for the first time, challenged; either in the last trimester, last month or through birth.¬† Geniuses are made.¬† The crucible through which they are formed is not even cylindrical (that would imply even a larger volume and more space); it is conical; it is called the birth canal.¬† Under tremendous stress and pressure, the infant brain is squeezed down well over 66% during this passage.¬† Isn’t this how a lump of rock becomes a potential diamond?¬† On the other hand, what else do we have?¬† We have a whole range of rocks, big lumps, small lumps, dull lumps, unpolished lumps with or without¬†potential, with some polish, a great big sparkling gem; a whole range of human potential.¬† We have geniuses, autistics, autistic savants, and unfortunately, delayed children with a range of mental retardation and behavioral issues who grow up to be all types of adults completely well adapted to who and what they are, very functional¬†to non-functional to dysfunctional in their daily lives on various planes.

It is a double edged sword, this crucible. 

The ones that bear this silently and quietly are the boys.¬† They hurt and they suffer…and no one around them and not even they know it.¬† Some boys are such pleasant little guys, you would not know otherwise.¬† When I see them, hear their birth history, their feeding history, I feel (this is called an examination) their heads and then know the horrors, the pressures that have changed their heads, their tissues.¬†

I see so many men and dads. There is a mental sharpness that peaks out behind a quiet, never whiny, never complaining, calmly excepting exterior.  When they put their cranium in my hands, I fee all the weight, all that heaviness.  It is real, the weight of this world.  These people do not sleep.  When they do sleep, they are not rested.  Their heads are heavy, and want to sink into a cool soft pillow.  It is hard to lift that head up in the morning.  For some reason, most men do not get headache.  They seem to tolerate these compression strains okay and live with the heaviness.  After years of  unknowingly suffering this way, they usually come to me for neck and shoulder pain.   

Guys, if this sounds like you, you seriously need head treatment.  I have been doing this work for over 10 years.  I know what I am talking about.  I can pretty much say with absolute confindence that the first visit will result in 5-10% relief.

There is Something Wrong with My Baby – update #2

July 6, 2010

My baby continues with her sleep issues.¬† My husband and I continue to be grateful for her significant progress with Dr. Miller’s help.¬† This weekend I realized that I would have to be the one to help her and watch her.¬† I had made an appointment to see another doctor colleague in San Diego, but then cancelled.¬† In talking to this doctor I had told him of her sleep issues.¬† What I wanted to hear was, “Children that have sleep issues, when I treat them, they usually get better.”¬† I did not hear that.¬† I was told that I should just make an appointment.¬†

This weekend, I decided that because of the great work that Dr. Miller did, she should only need, little by little incremental work as her brain grew and stretched out the plates of her skull.  And so I did very little, so fearful of hurting her.  Her worst times to getting to sleep are at about 7 to 8 pm.  She needs a boob in her mouth and even then she kicks and hits with her right arm.  All this activity or inability to wind down actually startles her awake.  I would settle her and leave.  Within 30minutes, she would cry for me.  This happens pretty much nightly. 

This weekend, however, with much grief and guilt for having to touch her, we were pleasantly suprised.¬† We put the other one down to bed, no problems.¬† Then I nursed the little one and left her on our bed.¬† We started watching Avatar and as expected, she startled herself up within an hour.¬† Our current life is just about that every night.¬† This time however, instead of stopping the movie and running in every 30minutes, it was about one hour apart.¬† My husband was very grateful that we managed to complete Avatar in 4 hours; he thought it would take us 2 days to finish it.¬† The following night, more relief…she was so tired, we wore both girls out at the park, nursing her to sleep was easy.¬† It did not take long and several times when she startled herself awake, she was able to soothe herself back to sleep.¬† It was wonderful.¬† Dare I hope?¬† Has she turned another corner?¬† We will have to wait and see…