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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

November 23, 2010

There are so many of you out there who have insomnia.  It is a major epidemic…a $3 billion prescription sleep medication industry.  Those of you with chronic pain, well, this is a given.  Who can sleep when everything hurts, when even the slighest movement leaves you cringing in fear of provoking a spasm?  Let me tell you something…when you do catch some sleep it is never restful, you do not dream, you do not reboot, you always want to sleep more, in the morning you can barely lift your head up off the pillow.  I don’t like the pills because they induce drowsiness but it is FAKE SLEEP.  The problems of why you don’t have real sleep are never addressed, much less resolved.  For those of you in chronic pain, well, the solution is simply, OMT.

Recently, I have discovered a good percentage of you people out there who think they are OK, healthy (or so you think) but can not sleep.  Your heads are heavy, really…literally…the melon that should be sitting atop your neck has now transformed into a bowling ball.  In the past you have had some minor aches and pains, but they were not bad enough to need a full on consultation with an MD or DO.  You just think that a little massage and occasionally going to your chiropractor to get an ‘adjustment’ will keep you in ‘good health.’  Let me pose a question.  If you are taking care of yourself…why can’t you sleep?  If that preventative cracking is good for you, again, why can’t you rest like a normal person.  That is because you are not normal…you are mechanically strained. 

Let’ s talk about Our Most Natural State…if you are exhausted out there in the wild, you can not function, you will make mistakes and become lion lunch meat.  Where in Nature does an animal need another animal to ‘crack’ its back for preventative health maintenance. 

Finally, how do I know this?  Patients who are mechanically strained from old trauma over lots of sports, those bowling ball heads turn back into melons and this coincides with better more restful sleep on fewer hours.  I have this whole family and the dad plays soccer.  I did a quickie freebie treatment for him one time and his wife tells me that he slept so well the next three nights she had not seen that kind of sound restful sleep from him since college.  In medicine there are very few absolutes.  I can say, that ALL mechanically strained patients who do not sleep well, end up sleeping better after OMT.