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ObamaCare Feedback

April 5, 2014

It is still kind of early in the history of Obamacare, but I want to update to the world how it is already affecting us adversely on the provider side.

We have heard the reports of increased premiums and deductibles. These are real increases. My premium for myself and my 2 children used to be $250 per month with a $3500 deductible. This was insurance in every sense of the word. I paid out to contain my risk of a catastrophic health/medical event for myself and my children. Every month, I knew that the plan I chose and its cost would go to a pool. I knew, and accepted, that I would never see that money again; that my pool money would sit and pay for management of the pool and to balance and provide coverage for others who were not so lucky. Because of Obamacare, my premium went up to $440 with a $6,000 deductible. I shopped the Kaiser HMO options and they were just as high. I don’t use medical services and now I have to pay more. Where does that difference go? Have you ever wondered?

Thanks to our politicians and politician lawyers who think they are smarter and can deliver better medical care for less. Yes, they have figured it out, even better than the doctors who work within the medical system. Let me remind the public that medical school is 4 years undergrad, 4 years medical school and minimum 3 years residency training. I want you then to consider the costs of that education and who has to bear it. How much education does it take to be a politician? How much medical training or experience does a lawyer have?

As a provider, here is what i am seeing/experiencing so far. One of our good patients who had a PPO came in. They thought they had the same insurance, so we billed as usual. The response was…nothing…we did not get a payment because we were not an Obamacare provider. The check went to the patient…for…$25. Fortunately, we have a good relationship with our patients and sent them the bill for $80 for a sick visit (sick visits and urgent care visits can run between $40 to $150, depending on the facility). So the patient essentially has a $55 copay, a little over double from the old system (thanks, again guys). If we were an “approved” Obamacare provider, the check would have come to us and I would not be able to bill the patient and they would never have known how little of their premium went to paying for service. I want you to imagine all you patients out there, not fully aware of how little your provider is being paid.

In order for your physician provider to absorb all the reduced payments, if you are not aware…how would they make up the costs for the overhead (rent, employees, taxes)? The larger medical groups would hire cheaper nurse practitioners and physician assistants…you would no longer see physician providers…A lot of people don’t know or don’t care, when they see someone in a white coat, they assume “physician.” You need to know who you are talking to…ask…do not assume “doctor.” To churn out more providers, they are going to lower the bar for medical schools, allow ancillary providers to prescribe…it is going to uglier out there…i’ll keep you posted…