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Bunions, Left and Right

September 19, 2010

Like manna from heaven.  I am getting bunions, left and right, literally and figuratively.  I am now supremely confident that osteopathic manipulative treatments is the best non-surgical alternative for BUNION CURE.  I have concluded that treating the causative strain will resolve the forces that cause the great toe to bend in.  Once the joint is freed up, there is more range of motion and it articulates well and initially will even crack by itself.  This patient was treated today.  We were all suprised how well she responded, she, her husband and I.  I do believe that the causative strains for men and women differ.  These sets of photos are before and after.  Note that only after 30 minutes the bunions look better; the angulation of the great toe is much improved.


My Big Fat Bunion IV

September 18, 2010

my yucky bunion

Wait till you see this.  I let my toenails grow just to show you that it really is a few weeks later.  Same foot.  Same toes.  My feet feel great.  The toe does not ache.  But I can not take it any more.  I have to cut the toenails, the length is driving me crazy.  As a reminder, I treated the big fat bunion and it was amazing the stuff, the strain letting go, I kept yammering on about it through the posts.  Then I decided to treat the other toe because my history of wearing 3 inch clunky heels would affect even the better foot.  I was disappointed that there was no tingling sensations.  This is understandable because it was not in pain or even discomfort.  To my suprise, even the angulation on the good toe is improved.

So here you have it – proof that bunions do not require a surgical solution.  It was gentle.  It was amazing.  I believe I may call this a CURE FOR BUNIONS.  If you opt for surgery, just beware what you will be getting into.  Read my blog on Bunion and Valgus Knee – Carla’s foot looks curled in.  Of course! Surgery causes scarring and the tissues tightens, contractures and turns in.  Weight bearing becomes altered and callouses form on different places on the foot.