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Doctor, What Exercises Should I Do?

January 18, 2011

I get this question frequently from my chronic pain patients.  They see some relief and they want to do more and whatever they can to get there faster.  The short answer is whatever feels right.  If there is a pull or a tweak, then that position puts additional strain on the system that the load can not be borne for too long before spasm happens.  If it makes you feel good it somehow reduces mechanical strain and it is good. 

If you notice, most of my responses are…easy, calm down, don’t spaz out (mentally or emotionally); instead of go, go, go…slow down, back off…how about some rest? If you do this, you have a better chance of sensing what is going on with your body.

I always tell patients that if I tell you to do something and it doesn’t feel right, then I am wrong and you and your body know way better than what I (even with my vast knowledge and experience) can ever theorize about your problem, pain or strain.  The body knows.  This is why an intact, mechanically unadulterated system, however much in pain, will always respond “miraculously” to osteopathic treatment.  We treat by reading the tissues and helping the tissue do what it needs and wants to do and have done upon it.  That is why adulterated strains within a system that has been beaten down by deep tissue, range of motion PT, ultrasound, nerve stimulator electrocuted, multiple handed, multiple modalitied tenderized tissues never ever respond, much less, in a predictable manner.   For these patients, they are disappointed in OMT, they think I am a quack and they do not understand why several people who don’t know each referred them to me.  For these people, osteopathic is… nothing special.   Far from it…this work is so profound, so beautiful, I am so enamored of it, I can not wait for the next 30 years.  Can you believe it?  I can’t wait, I am so excited about…getting older… because it means more experience…Ah…I digress…I am demonstrating a general nuttiness over this…

To get back to the question, I usually respond with this, “Go out… hunt, gather, and run from predators.”  Although we are injured, the activities for survival require that we keep moving.  The more we move the muscles work and the body has a chance to absorb, adapt and compensate for the strain.  If we stop…we die.  Now, believe it or not, the pain serves a purpose.  The spasm serves a purpose.  They serve as splinting mechanisms so that the strained tissue continues to send these messages so that you can be more careful so that you do no further injury.  Anything else, pills, injections, nerve stimulators are mere…distractions that lead you into a false sense of security and disconnects you from your true tissue state.  Nothing is resolved and, invariably, lead you to reinjury and further pain cycles.

Ethical Dilemma

November 4, 2010

I find myself in an ethical dilemma.  I use this blog to share my cases and what I am seeing out there in the medical consuming public.  It is not primarily a place to rant and rave about a specific profession or problem.  Ideally, this blog serves to share with people how I came about some of these conclusions based on my medical training/background and most importantly clinical experience.  By now, after all these posts, I hope that you have gathered that I am a minimalist in my medical philosophy and in life, generally (primarily because of my immigrant background).  I find there just is much too much  of having things done to the body.  Once things have been done, it is hard to go back.  After an initial injury, the sane, minimalist immigrant approach is to leave it alone, let it calm down and….go back to work, or in Our Most Natural State, forage for survival.  Here in the US, because of the vast medical consumption possibilities, it is very rare that I get a patient who is a pure unadulterated mechanical strain.  It does happen occasionally and these people find OMT to be “amazing” and my hands “miraculous” after just one visit.  But most of the time, I get these “go-go-go” personalities who “research” and believe nonsense about how this or that can help.  They are in pain from some past mechanical trauma and they think that massaging, chiropractic, PT yanking, ultrasound, deep tissue pummeling of their muscles, beating them into submission is going to resolve anything?  Or even worse believing that  injecting, cutting, inserting a battery/external electrical source (nerve stimulator) will help?  People! wake up!  With just these words, please visualize what these other people propose to do to you.  In your debilitated pain state do those ‘treatment modalities’ not sound more…..traumatic?  That is why OMT is so powerful.  It is gentle simply because the mechanically traumatized and strained body wants precise removal of that traumatic force.  It looks so easy.  Let me tell that it is not.  It took me a long time to comprehend the beauty of Osteopathy and this is 11 years after graduating as a pediatrician.  Please beware.  There plenty of fakers and wannabes out there who think they can do it because it looks so simple.  Ha-ha joke is on them.  They think they can take a stinky little weekend course here and there from a less than successful sellout DO (ie, inferior in skill/talent) and claim to offer you OMT (only a DO can legally render OMT).

Once the damage is done, please just back off.  The body needs time to recover.  Once it recovers, then with osteopathic treatment it has a chance to heal.

My dilemma is should I keep my mouth shut?  I keep seeing the same thing, over and over again.  People need to be warned about the damage that other people can unwittingly force upon already debilitated bodies.