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Our Natural State

July 18, 2010

Hello world.  Hey!  Thanks for reading my blog people – all three of you.  Ha- Ha.  You have inspired me (people are actually reading) and I want to resume entering new posts on my blogs on pediatrics and chronic pain.  Before I renew these efforts more consistently, I want to provide context for my posts.   My whole medical philosophy and practice, whether it is for children or adults, always originates with Our Most Natural State.  What is Our Most Natural State?  Out there in the great wide natural world, how do we survive if we had to avoid and fend off predators?   This is why I continue to stress over my little girl.  [I had the good fortune of speaking with 2 people this week who allowed me to cry and absolve me of some of my guilt for dropping her].  Her inability to sleep is concerning.  Sleep is natural and it is necessary – we need to reboot on a daily basis.  If a child (or adult) cannot initiate, maintain sleep and wake up rested then there is trauma, pressure and strain within the closed tissue space that is our head.  In our most natural state, she would be sluggish and prey to any big cat and lunch meat.  She even would have been lunch meat earlier on with all that crying.  When I treat patients for sleep disorders, they stop sleep walking, they snore, they sleep longer, they wake up more rested and for however many hours they sleep, they are more rested.  I dare not touch my little girl.  I have to wait.

Progress and civilization has removed us so far off from our most natural state, I believe that a good portion of chronic disease would be eliminated if we attempted the return.  Just remember this as we venture off into new discussions and posts. thanks.