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So Very Close…

January 23, 2011

Hello my faithful readers, all three of you.  I wanted to share with you some exciting news.  I am so very close to figuring out migraines.  I am so close to a migraine cure.  It is hard to believe.. You know your doctor keeps talking about avoiding triggers and pills when it happens…well, guess what, those are all…secondary.  Today I made a stupendous breakthrough.  Lets start from the beginning several months ago…I was able to help several people get slowly better but I could not quite predict the timing, the response… I always say that any doctor worth his or her salt should be able to anticipate, explain, predict and give sustained lasting results.  And I did this today…2 patients…

J.  comes to me intermittently for back pain.  Today, he brings in eye pain, previously diagnosed as ocular migraine.  This is the first time in years that this problem has popped back up.  I asked some questions and summarized his issues for him. Your past migraines were worse when you were cycling.   They calmed down for a period of time after you started marathon running.  After you hurt your knee, you were unable to run and it started back up.  He remarked that my observations were impressive and spot on.  Then I told him that his eye migraine was coming from his L hip.  The L hip was his bad side because he had fallen on it frequently.  I offered to prove that it to him and did so quite easily.

The second migraine case today came in because she had neck pain and numbness in her shoulder and hands.  The neat thing was that she was referred to me by 2-3 degrees of separation.  As I was treating her, I said, “I’m suprised you don’t have migraines.”  She responded, “Oh, yes I do.”   Then it clicked.  Her migraines were connected to and mostly likely caused by her neck pain.

I got so excited about the possibility of offering migraine cure and a guarantee that I got a website to explain it all so far.  Read and please tell me if I am wrong at