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Embarassing Questions

July 3, 2010

All right ladies and gentlemen, come one, come all.  You are invited to ask your most embarassing questions.  Why this invitation?  This is a safe forum.  In my interactions with patients and parents sometimes, after the fact and much, much later, I find out things that had questions been asked earlier on, we could have addressed and resolved issues.  Why suffer unnecessarily?

As a pediatrician, I am talking about pooping and peeing (the kids giggle here) all the time.  I usually don’t give those words a second thought.  But then in adult company, I throw them around and then I am shocked and suprised at my own editing failures.  I know there are tens of hundreds of thousands who suffer but don’t know how to ask for help.  Should I bring them up in future posts?

OK.  Here are some sample topics that people would want addressed.

chronic constipation. hemorrhoids. bad breath.  lopsided boobies.  painful sex.  body odor. chronic farting (flatulence).  am i crazy?  does my baby’s penis look funny? people with a ‘lazy eye’  that were supposed to be ‘corrected’ but are not – how do you talk to them and where do you look?  stuff like that other doctors may or may not have touched and with my own brand of osteopathic perspective.