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HMO Plagiocephaly Helmet

February 18, 2011

I wanted to share with you a recent email exchange I had with a pediatrician executive at an HMO.  As most of you know, I have been doing cranial osteopathic treatments for infants in my office for the last 7 years.  I have not been terribly aggressive about “marketing” this work.  People who search, parents who are concerned will find their way to OMT and us osteopaths.  Recently, I found out that the helmet people have been sending out droves of salespeople to ‘educate’ pediatricians about their services.  Because of this, I printed out a flyer to educate my colleagues about the mechanics of plagiocephaly.  I also had cards made and did a separate website,   I showed my work and talked to several pediatricians.  I even spoke to a pediatric neurologist and he was not a fan of the helmet and quite supportive of me.  He and a few other pediatricians said to me, ” You should talk to Dr. So-So.”  I wasn’t keen on it and did not think much of it.  Several months later, I eventually dropped it off to Dr. So-so.  The response was, “No thanks, we have a cheaper helmet.”  That says it all doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, medicine is a business and is very much like anything else in life.  You get what you pay for.