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Diets-Fads to Try or Not

June 23, 2019

Hello All,

It has been a long time. First, a little housekeeping. I have been very busy testing out social media to see the best means of communicating my thoughts and health concepts. I am now on Instagram (@dr.lhoang), YouTube (Dr. FixMe) and people who subscribed/opted-in on my partners newsletter/email list ( are now getting free notices about my latest health discoveries; the newsletter gives quick, cheaper home testing click options than if you took the time to see a doctor, get a blood test, go back for follow-up and get a prescription or recommendations.

When my patients tell me they are trying this or that diet, I have to at least have tried it to form an opinion. Based on medical training and experience, and because I am a total nerd, I like to explain what I like and don’t like.

Vegetarian – I tried it once for 6 months. Was very surprised to discover that I had to get used to the smell of cooking meat and eating meat again. I came to the conclusion that we are supposed to have some animal protein because we have canine teeth. I also suspect that I was a protein deficient (if not mal-nourished) kid (3rd child, family fleeing communists and war). Now, in this aging adult body, after 2 kids, it could be stronger if it had a better start in life. When I was rehabbing my father (who was 88 at the time) and my body (from the two kids), I found that animal protein was the best at muscle recovery. I have tried egg, soy, hemp and brown rice protein powder-none of them matched the muscle pain and fatigue recovery quite like whey, from cow milk. Those canine teeth are made for ripping and tearing.

Pescatarian – Some of my patients opt for some protein in the form of eggs, milk, or fish. I find this little flexibility an immense improvement. I myself do not trust fish farming and do fear the accumulation of mercury in fish as well as chemicals (sewage) in the waters. Search the web for images of the Pacific Garbage Patch. View the polluted shores of some of the poorest island nations-it might turn you away from fish too.

Veganism – definitely, a protein deficient diet. I think this diet would kill me (because of my history). Great for people who are sick from EXCESS. Look to your own health situation and history and decide if it its right for you. I have 2 points to make about this: (1) I have seen a few very robust healthy bodies; I have seen more sickly bodies with medical problems – and they are deficient to begin with and they just get sicker only they don’t know it; (2) The main protein replacement is the… pecan nut. I have to share a 2 funny stories about this:

A holistic MD friend of mine was raving about the wonderful nutritious value of nuts. I trusted her over my own instincts as an itchy, scratchy, snotty and occasionally snorkelly mild nut sensitive allergic person. For several weeks my schedule was packed and I was working through lunch. To power myself in between patients, I went to Whole Foods and got a container of roasted unsalted pecans. After about 10 days, I started itching at the back of the scalp. Days, turned in more days, week, then weeks. My scalp is now squishy, itchy and hot. Switching shampoos and hair stylists did not help. When the last hair stylist scrunched up her face and said, “Your scalp is oozy. You need to see a doctor about this” mild indignation hit, and the light bulb came on. I stopped the pecans, and the rash went away.

There was a green health expo I was speaking at. I was wandering around the exhibits and saw an “Artesinal Vegan Cheese” table. Vegan cheese is made with…pecans. I tasted, it was so delicious. I tasted 2 more flavors. I did not bring lunch and kept going back. I sampled everything there was to sample. It was so delicious. I looked at the cookbook and seriously deliberated purchasing it.  I did not. The next day I woke up congested in my sinuses. The light bulb went on. God made every single nut in the world with 2 hard shells encasing the nutritious meat for the new plant. They are so hard that, in the natural state, only rodents with long sharp teeth can get to it. Enter human ingenuity to crack those two shells, process it to change its form and make it into something it shouldn’t be; disguising it so that most of us (allergics) should should be fooled into ingesting. Now guess what I think about almond “milk.” [I learned about that the hard way too].

More later on Paleo, Raw, and Juicing…


Pure Baby

July 5, 2014

Last week I saw a beautiful baby that I have to say is pure beauty and perfection…of tissue. You would argue with me, all babies are beautiful and perfection…I had to post about this experience because this was a special case…This 6 month old was so alert and watching our discussion very clear eyed. But they all do, you say…As I was doing the physical exam, he was lean but his tissues, the feel of him, firm, real of pure substance (no excess subcutaneous fat, just enough), his range of motion in his legs and arms, full, even and balanced (not too loose, not too tight, hardly any residual fetal tensions in hips). As a pediatrician, I see a lot of babies, his feel was real. I have never treated him osteopathically and he should never need it…It must all that wonderful breastmilk…on top of that the extra food that mom is preparing for him…it must be the kale too…Okay, I am in awe…Most of my mommies breastfeed, but to get your infant to eat the extra that he is already getting through your breastmilk and for him to like kale, that is amazing…i told his mommy that i was going to blog about this…Most of you are wondering, Big deal, why is she raving about his ‘feel?’ Look if you have seen the before and after treatment photos and videos, my hands are super sensitive and know things (far beyond mere mortals) just from the nature of the osteopathic work. i am raving about this means that the less real feel of formula fed babies comes from a false food that imparts a strange otherness that is not ordinarily recognized and so is presumed to be ‘normal.’ So this means that the junk we eat is used to rebuild and remodel a false infrastructure…So how do we maintain health, remain disease free if the underlying structure is not what it should be…

Health…What is It?

January 5, 2011

Where does it reside?  I ask a colleague of mine this all the time.  We know when we are not healthy.  We are ill.  We can not function because something is wrong.  We go to the doctor to figure out what is wrong.  The doctor in the Conventional Medical System (CMS), will make a diagnosis.  With a diagnosis, we have an expectation that a biochemical pharmaceutical agent will eradicate the cause of our ill health.  But that does not answer the question.  Two stories…

One of my good familes, the children always have issues with allergies.  Never have I ever seen the boy with any GI issues.  There is a mild stomach flu going around and he catches it.  This year the stomach flu is mild with only a low grade fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea for 3 days.  In healthy kids it is self limited and without any intervention goes away by itself.  Mom brings him in 3wks later and he is still complaining of abdominal pain. The bowel sounds are a bit loose and runny.  After much discussion, this mom thought that she would help him after his stomach flu and fed him several dairy based probiotics.

I met a new family and they were so excited that I did not push the vaccines.  Their only child had a bad reaction to a vaccine and they are so guilt ridden.  They decided to educate themselves.  Since then, they’ve cleaned up their diets and added probiotics and supplements.  They talk about all these things they are doing  and giving to him and it starts to make me think.

Just like my earliest family with the baby who’s skin rash persists after 3 wks despite all the creams and topicals applied (Read this post under For Olga). 

With these three cases, these parents are very bright people.  I think that we have been so conditioned to do, do, do.  We are always in this rush to control things that we start to believe that we can control everything.  Once again, my immigrant mentality is to leave things well enough alone. 

As with these pediatric cases, occasionally, my chronic pain cases also manifest this need to do, do, do to control, control, control.  Most of the time I see this in these go, go, go women.  They have done everything, deep tissue, ultrasound, chiropratic, physical therapy.  They have so altered their mechanical strain I have to clean up all this extra stuff before I can actually treat the accumulated traumatic strain.

What I want to showcase is that Health is…the absence of disease…it is our Most Natural State and it is Intrinsic.  It is not beyond our control and it is certainly not external.  For us disease is the endpoint of a process of mechanical strain.  An unstrained body is a healthy body.  Health resides within.  When I treat a patient occasionally that patient or a parent will ask, What are you feeling for?  You might have heard this before from me…Sometimes, we need to back off…Retreat so that the body has a chance to heal…give it time to accomodate strain and from that chaos, there is reorganization, there is balance, there is…calm…and that is health.

Diet and Lifestyle

December 7, 2010

We all know that saying about the most important thing in real estate is…Location, Location, Location.   Well, you have also heard this before…that the causes of chronic human disease are, yes, diet and lifestyle.  I never really thought about this until now…

In the third and fourth year of medical school we are required to do clinical rotations.  These two years we spend following other doctors to find out what field of medicine we want to train.   When Iwas a student rotating through internal medicine, the types of adult diseases I saw over and over again were heart disease, lung disease, liver disease and diabetes.  Right after that, in the next month, I did pediatrics.  It was wonderful, all those sweet beautiful babies.  They were innocent victims of these horrible infectious agents that cause disease.  Now that I am a pediatrician, it wasn’t until this last year that I came to this conclusion.  A good portion of pediatric disease can be attributed to…diet and lifestyle.  You skeptics out there, you think, what is she talking about?  Yep, I’ve come to this final conclusion after much waxing and waning philosophical.  We have an immune system that patrols our blood stream.  It is responsible for fighting off early infectious agents and preventing them from taking hold in our body and causing disease.  The CMS (conventional medical system) would say any that this agent causes this disease and we should develop a vaccine against it.  This does not make sense because in life, there are plenty of viruses and bacteria out there ready to take hold.   The way we are going, by the end of the century, babies will have 100 vaccines they need to be protected against by the end of their first two years.  They of the CMS do not rationalize that hey, why are kids getting sick?  What is wrong with their immune system?  Why is the immune system not doing its job?  If they don’t address that, then “sickness’ is the normal that we constantly have to battle against.  That is not life.  That is not my PEDIATRICS. 

Back to my original point, yes, most diseases of infants and children can start way back at the beginning in mama’s belly can caused by…diet and lifestyle.  If mama, in her younger days acquired traumatic strain, her body, the vessel is mechanically deranged.  There can be fertility issues, pain issues, and pregnancy complications.  Then if she eats poorly the infant has a poor start in terms of being too big, too small, premature.  Then if she does not have an ideal pregnancy, there are interventions.  Not good.  If there is medical intervention, there is decreased chance of immediate latching and nursing of the infant.  If this does not happen, this child’s immune system will be affected immediately and into the future.   There we have it…diet and lifestyle.

Eleven years ago, someone stopped me and asked for help.  Poor guy.  His car was at a stop.  A drunk driver hit him from behind.  It wasn’t his fault.  It was just bad luck. One month later, he cannot turn his head either way without pain.  I am glad he asked.   As I got better, I thought, I like this chronic pain osteopathic stuff.  People hurt from car accidents and injuries.  This is good.  I can do this.  Now, I am starting to see that it is 95% lifestyle.  The work that we do, the daily grind, the way we exercise and destress all contribute to repetitve strain injuries.  Wow…I am still amazed by the enormous influence of diet and lifestyle on our health.  Health..what is it anyways?  Stay tuned…