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Milk…Does It a Body Good?

October 17, 2010

When I was training for pediatrics, I was just told the party line according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 12 to 16 oz of whole cow’s milk after weaning breastmilk or formula at 1 year of age.  For a long time, I too thought that it was good.  I have started to change my mind…

It all started somewhere in early 2002.  I was working for another doctor.  He worked me like a dog and had me seeing about 40-60 patients a day.  One day, as busy and rushed as I was, I saw a kid that was wheezing.  The mother said that once he started coughing, she stopped the milk immediately.  Say what?  Come again?  Why?  Oh, the mother noticed that her whole family of asthmatics whenever they got that cough, she would stop dairy.  What? Didn’t I as a physician know that?  No.  It was never taught to me.  I never read it anywhere.  The mother seemed coherent, sincere and credible.  What was the truth?  I returned to my books and did some literature search.  Few astute pediatricians did suspect some problems with milk.  Most just towed the party line and did not think for themselves.

This seemed a lifetime ago.  Since then I have tried many different alternatives to cow’s milk.  I’v been there and done that.  Goat’s milk, soy milk, rice milk and almond milk.  Organic cow’s milk and, yes, raw cow’s milk.  If you are confused about all these options for you, your family and your child, welcome, my people.  Come in and I will share with you how I arrived at my current understanding of milk…does it a body good?

I have reached several conclusions…cow’s milk casein is a horribly allergenic protein.  In all my patients from families with allergy, asthma or eczema I eliminate dairy completely.  It is responsible for a lot of problems.  We were never meant to ingest the milk of another mammal.  It is wrong.  This does not occur in nature.  We Homo sapiens are mammals. We have boobies to feed our young.  The only animal that should be ingesting cow’s milk is a baby cow.  Species should not intermingle.  As for soy and nut milk, let me just say that  we were never designed to ingest liquid protein.  Why else do we have canines?  We need to return to our most natural state, hunting and gathering, ruminating on vegetables, killing an occasional animal and drinking water.