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What is Wrong with this Picture of Paris Hilton?

October 14, 2010

By now I have an itchy trigger finger on my camera.  I guess any unusual patient walking in I should snap.  Let me tell you, I have quite a collection.  A couple of years ago, I was so excited when I first purchased this little camera.  I had accumulated enough head photos to comprise a talk about cranial osteopathic manipulative treatments in infants and children.  I was invited by the new program director at my alma mater, Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital to show my before and after photos and talk about cranial OMT.  It did not go well.  I was in a room full of  sharks, all MDs.  One skeptical MD actually accused me of ‘doctoring’ the photos.  This was a dreadful but necessary experience (someday, I will blog all about it).  I will no longer try to convince anyone, moms, MDs who are not willing to listen.  It was after this talk that I decided that I would show my collection and share it with  people who are interested.  I thought hmmm…maybe I should do a powerpoint presentation with celebrity photos.  Everyone can recognized celebrities.  My husband suggested that I shouldn’t do this because these women in the industry tend to have low self esteem to begin with, I would just be loading up, focusing on and identifying an area for them to obsess on and then attempt to ‘fix.’

Haven’t you ever wondered why celebrities, mostly the women,  pose with a preference for one side?  Well that is because they have some form of facial asymmetry caused by cranial strains.  See this…I hate to pick on this poor girl but…she is a classic example of a cranial strain we call a sidebending rotation.  See the eye?  I know you people are there, those of you who have thought and even said aloud, “What is wrong with Paris Hilton’s left eye.  People and yes, even you Paris, this can be treated.