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Health…What is It?

January 5, 2011

Where does it reside?  I ask a colleague of mine this all the time.  We know when we are not healthy.  We are ill.  We can not function because something is wrong.  We go to the doctor to figure out what is wrong.  The doctor in the Conventional Medical System (CMS), will make a diagnosis.  With a diagnosis, we have an expectation that a biochemical pharmaceutical agent will eradicate the cause of our ill health.  But that does not answer the question.  Two stories…

One of my good familes, the children always have issues with allergies.  Never have I ever seen the boy with any GI issues.  There is a mild stomach flu going around and he catches it.  This year the stomach flu is mild with only a low grade fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea for 3 days.  In healthy kids it is self limited and without any intervention goes away by itself.  Mom brings him in 3wks later and he is still complaining of abdominal pain. The bowel sounds are a bit loose and runny.  After much discussion, this mom thought that she would help him after his stomach flu and fed him several dairy based probiotics.

I met a new family and they were so excited that I did not push the vaccines.  Their only child had a bad reaction to a vaccine and they are so guilt ridden.  They decided to educate themselves.  Since then, they’ve cleaned up their diets and added probiotics and supplements.  They talk about all these things they are doing  and giving to him and it starts to make me think.

Just like my earliest family with the baby who’s skin rash persists after 3 wks despite all the creams and topicals applied (Read this post under For Olga). 

With these three cases, these parents are very bright people.  I think that we have been so conditioned to do, do, do.  We are always in this rush to control things that we start to believe that we can control everything.  Once again, my immigrant mentality is to leave things well enough alone. 

As with these pediatric cases, occasionally, my chronic pain cases also manifest this need to do, do, do to control, control, control.  Most of the time I see this in these go, go, go women.  They have done everything, deep tissue, ultrasound, chiropratic, physical therapy.  They have so altered their mechanical strain I have to clean up all this extra stuff before I can actually treat the accumulated traumatic strain.

What I want to showcase is that Health is…the absence of disease…it is our Most Natural State and it is Intrinsic.  It is not beyond our control and it is certainly not external.  For us disease is the endpoint of a process of mechanical strain.  An unstrained body is a healthy body.  Health resides within.  When I treat a patient occasionally that patient or a parent will ask, What are you feeling for?  You might have heard this before from me…Sometimes, we need to back off…Retreat so that the body has a chance to heal…give it time to accomodate strain and from that chaos, there is reorganization, there is balance, there is…calm…and that is health.