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Do We Really Need…?

October 24, 2010

Arch supports, orthotics, night guards?  the answer is No.  We need to ask why a person should need an external appliances to live, to function.  The answer is that a mechanically strained biological system will manifest some sort of pain.  The only problem is that the CMS, read my prior post conventional medical system, will address that pain with biochemistry, yes, pills.  No medical system, no medical professional outside of the traditional osteopaths offers direct reduction of physical traumatically acquired strains.  Going back to Our Most Natural State, there should be very little that we need.

From my prior posts like Do We Really Need Probiotics?, Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This!, Massage for Infants and Children,  Cracking is Bad, Ligamentous Laxity, and Psuedotumor, we can see a common thread…I wrote these posts to warn people…Do not trust your health to people who have a vested interest in doing something to you, especially if you will be irreparably altered/scarred.  Always get a second opinion.  A second opinion from another physician, perhaps a either an MD or DO will help you decide.  Stay away from doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, massage therapists. 

Another aspect and common thread of my posts is that minimalists spartan immigrant make do with what you are given, using common sense, just because it can be done, doesn’t mean that it should be done mentality.  You can be self reliant.  Trust your instincts.  What is offered to you, does it seem natural and will it help you or your child return to Our Most Natural State?