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Doctor, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

December 28, 2014

Hello All. Yes, for all of my three readers out there, it has been a while since I last posted. The reason has been that I have been deep, deep, deep in the trenches, working on so many long suffering sufferers who seek me out for my special Kung-Fu style of Traditional Osteopathy. I am now surfacing to report to the world and to you specific sufferers my new discoveries of classes of people suffering. Stay tuned in the upcoming months as I will more frequently post specific problems hitherto brushed off and blown off by the conventional medicine doctors who blame the patients for their medical problems.

Today, I will introduce this brand new revolutionary concept of why, mostly young women (in their 20’s and early 30’s and especially, absolutely older women) are unable to lose weight, the conventional way, the way most normal people should lose weight, with slight modifications of their diet and lifestyle. For older women and mommies whose bodies don’t bounce back, a secondary question might be, “Doctor, why am I getting this cellulite?

I would first like to address you younger women. Diets do not work. You eat well and healthy. You do not eat junk food, but the numbers on the scale never come down. You exercise but you don’t like it. You do not get the exercise “high” of endorphins surging through your body that most other people do. Some of you may even have what we medical people call “co-morbid conditions.” Doctors of the CMS (conventional medical system) think these “co-morbid conditions” are incidental and should just be treated symptomatically with a pill or nutrition counseling. I have seen enough of you young women with bowel problems, mostly IBS, which causes the tendency towards diarrhea and cramping and a few of you with constipation. I would like you to defy the doctors of the CMS and consider the possibility that your inability to enjoy exercise, your inability to lose “weight” and respond normally to exercise and your bowel symptoms are all related to a singular cause Isn’t this a more elegant possibility?

I would like to keep you in suspense a little longer, and lead you to thinking like a detective with your body and your medical problems, so…let us ask a few more different questions.

What is this “weight” problem? Is it fat? Is it really cellulite? Is this “weight” problem a “genetic inhertance” that you can never outrun? never fight? that the answer is surgical?

The reason why nothing works is because…you are not…normal. I do not mean this to be cruel. I mean that your physiology has never been “right.” At some point in your early life, you can recall being happy, carefree with no body concerns and…normal,. Then one day you started to turn different, unaware, until it was too late..this slow insidious “weight” gain. This “weight” is really…water…simply…H2O…how did this happen…?

Those of you who have followed my posts may already know the answer. I love, love, love talking the mechanics of the human body and this insidious change in your body came about as a result of an old high velocity injury…most frequently a car accident when you were young and skeletally immature in your teens, but this also happens to patients in their 20’s and 30’s, in fact to any patient man or woman at any age…Let me explain…

Our bodies are 70% water, right? Are we one big giant sac? The answer is no. All this water is compartmentalized in different tissue spaces. When we experience a high velocity injury, our tissues are shocked. The water in those tissue compartments experience that force in that direction. For the rest of your life those tissue live in the memory of that trauma, they continue to live under the control of Newton’s First Law of Motion, regarding inertia. Any object in motion will tend to stay in motion, unless it is acted upon by an outside force, and that any object, not in motion can be impelled into motion by an outside force. The water molecules and all your tissues and every neuron in your brain were perfectly fine one day, then all of a sudden a car accident happened, the force of which propelled those compartmentalized molecules in a direction. You get out and everyone, including you, think that you are OK. My working theory is…you are not OK, and that you will never be OK unless someone else (a Traditional Osteopathic physician, like me) helps you. We cannot defy Newton’s First Law but we can certainly use Newton’s Third Law of Motion, the law of equal and opposites to prove to you the truth of the problems of your body. In summary, the car accident happened to your body (and caused all these physiologic derangements) and someone has to get it out.

Now, the question for me is how do I safely guide you to its proof, without endangering you? This will be a lengthy exposition with some precautions, so I will need to do it on another post…stay tuned.

Mechanical Causes of Chronic Constipation

March 16, 2014

These last several months have been amazing. I have discovered a new perspective on patients and chronic constipation…and yes, cure…It is so difficult for me to fathom, still. I have been doing this osteopathic muscular treatment for the last 14 years for patients with chronic problems. No matter the source of the structural derangement and myriad symptoms such as migraines, herniated disc, back pain, spasms, the response is never such as the ones I receive when I resolve chronic constipation. The patients with whiplash, bad hip, bad knee, limping, gimping, dizzy, not sleeping, doesn’t matter…they get relief but I never, ever, ever get immediate feedback. I know they got better because they come in weeks, months, years later or they refer friends, family or loved ones weeks, months, or years later. But this…, this takes the cake (eats it, and poops it out too, sorry, much too much?). The overwhelming immediate feedback suggests to me that there is an epidemic of constipation in the pain and chronic issues population or the conventional treatments are only adequate. Perhaps, what I am sensing is that health and normal vegetative functions are vital as the starting point of our pursuit of happiness. How can one live a normal daily life, to pursue our dreams, if the start of the day is sluggish and our sewer system is backed up by several days or, in some of my patients, a whole week. Again, how can one live to be happy? These patients, I marvel and ask them, how is it that they can still have a sense of humor or a smile on their face, or have the ability to be good parents (and not beat their children) despite their chronic constipation? They confirm that it is difficult when they are not functioning. Maybe, this year, instead of the usual cheery christmas wish for Joy to the World and Peace and Happiness on Earth, I will wish for all peoples of the world to be able to start the day with a nice, full and satisfactory evacuation.
Most of my patients have my cell.
After curing them of their constipation, the feedback is as immediate as their response. I get texts for “Hey, Dr. H., you are amazing…after I left your office, I had 3 BMs. I never have that many, ever.” or “I don’t even need my probiotics to go now.” Ok, so here is the explanation: The conventional medical system (CMS) teaches us doctors about the gut as a separate system, isolating it as a matured tract that is labelled in different parts like the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, large instestine, rectum and anus. We are to throw aside its origin in human development. When we were 2-3 weeks old in our mother’s womb, the GI system started out as a primitive gut tube, a hose. If you imagine that hose elongating, it is still the same connected tube. How does that tube fit in our body? It has to be suspended in front of our spine, hanging off the middle of base of our skull at a point/nubbin (called the pharyngeal tubercle). The whole gut tube has to hang perfectly vertical, perfectly plumb before it settles down into the pelvis. What happens to that plumb line after a patient sustains a high velocity impact? Immediately after an accident, people see and know the soft tissue injury, the whiplash, the back and neck pain. That line has been disrupted and over time after the shock wears off, the system slows down. The effect is much later so we do not attribute sluggishness of our sewers to that impact. How was I able to get my patients’ guts to wake up?
I treat the vectors of their injury. The direction in which they whiplash provides the clue. Once everything is plumb, and the parts move together synchronously, the whole thing returns to it natural state of ease and all is as it should be, effortless. So this applies to different types of high velocity injuries, as in falls. Many cases of chronic constipation result from falls to the tailbone. As you can imagine, the sacrum is almost like a couch against which the rectum rests. If it is shocked and jammed up, it will hamper the tissue overlying it. I also have a number of cases where there are bowel issues such as “irritable bowel syndrome” from what I call ‘other non-standard univectoral falls.’ Why do you suppose the sewers are ‘irritable’? They are upset, they are sluggish and unhappy. They types of falls are really difficult to treat. This is where the ‘art’ comes in. We have to be able to tell where, how and when the jammed up parts want to free up.

Ligamentous Laxity

August 14, 2010

This is what happens to a body that gets cracked frequently.  People think that this is great.  I’m so loose.  I’m so limber.  This must be a sign of health.  No it isn’t.  Get this very clear.  The vertebral bodies that compose your spine and protect your spinal cord have scaffolding made of ligaments.  There is a long band in front and a long band in the back.  Then there are the tiny little ones in between that allow some motion from segment to segment.  When they are loose, they can no longer provide stability.  Think of an ankle that is badly sprained.  That ankle ain’t ever right again, is it?  That’s right.  It just takes one twist and one yank.  Now think about your poor unprotected back. 

There is a reason why after a car accident we have neck spasms and whiplash.  There is a reason for back spasms.  Spasming is nature’s way of telling us that there is something wrong.  We hurt and consequently we don’t move.  The spasm causes a splinting of the body and prevents further injury.  It provides stability at the time the body needs it most.  Read my past post on Crack(ing) is Bad.