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September 23, 2010

Yep.  This month has been crazy.  Should I post some more before and after photos?  I promise you this will be the last on this topic.  I am so done.  Been there, done that.  Bunions, bunions, bunions.  Okay.  I got this.  I know how to treat bunions.  I can do it with my eyes closed.  I can do it in my sleep.  This is the year of someone referred me to you because they knew someone, i.e., friend of a friend referral whom you were able to help with osteopathic manipulative treatment.  Marjorie came in for shoulder pain of about one month.  I told her that the shoulder injury is the straw that broke the camel’s back and should be readily addressed.  It seems to her that all her problems are on the R side of her body.  We also tried to work on underlying/pre-existing strain.  I did not know what to expect.  Going in today, I told her that it has been raining bunions.  She mentioned, “Oh yes, I have one too!  Can you help me?”  I said, “Of course!”  I told her I would use the last 5-10minutes of today’s visit to take a picture and then treat both feet.  Well guess what?  I used a new maneuver today that I just starting this week and wouldn’t you know?  We achieved spectacular changes in the tissue.  I actually finished in 30 minutes and told her we would start on her bunion.  The bad foot felt better to me and we both heard and she felt the bunion joint crack.  I am biased and I thought the foot looked better.  I moved over to the good foot.  I was pretty quick and the good foot looked even better!  So I took pictures and she signed them over to me.  Should I post them?  It is just more of the same.  Results.  Another one for BUNION CURE.  I will move on from here.  I’m hoping that in the new month I will have interesting cases and pictures that have to do with problems above the level of the pelvis.  I am currently working on an eyeball case that will have neat pictures and another limping case that hopefully will pan out to have good before and after video.  Wait for them!  I am really excited.  Wait until I tell you about their cause/source.

Please people, tell me if you want me to post these photos.  It is a lot of work for me to load up, etc.  Will more pictures convince you?  I am getting lots of new patients coming in and I am working on documenting different types of cases (currently an eyeball case and a child limping case) to show to you the global philosophical approach of osteopathic physicians.

I am doing so well cleaning up these cases that for my cash patients I am considering a money back guarantee.  How many doctors do that?  When you pay good money to see a specialist, and they tell you that you do not need surgery because you are not that bad, you still have to pay for the opinion and time even if you don’t get results.  When you go to McDonald’ and you are unhappy with that meal, do you ask for your money back?  I don’t know just yet.  Then again, why should I.  I don’t want to work that hard to prove myself to people.  The pictures are there and they are quite clear.  The skeptics and cynics and continue to live in their pain and misery.  If you trust the CMS, go ahead, take your chances and bear the consequence.