Doctor, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Hello All. Yes, for all of my three readers out there, it has been a while since I last posted. The reason has been that I have been deep, deep, deep in the trenches, working on so many long suffering sufferers who seek me out for my special Kung-Fu style of Traditional Osteopathy. I am now surfacing to report to the world and to you specific sufferers my new discoveries of classes of people suffering. Stay tuned in the upcoming months as I will more frequently post specific problems hitherto brushed off and blown off by the conventional medicine doctors who blame the patients for their medical problems.

Today, I will introduce this brand new revolutionary concept of why, mostly young women (in their 20’s and early 30’s and especially, absolutely older women) are unable to lose weight, the conventional way, the way most normal people should lose weight, with slight modifications of their diet and lifestyle. For older women and mommies whose bodies don’t bounce back, a secondary question might be, “Doctor, why am I getting this cellulite?

I would first like to address you younger women. Diets do not work. You eat well and healthy. You do not eat junk food, but the numbers on the scale never come down. You exercise but you don’t like it. You do not get the exercise “high” of endorphins surging through your body that most other people do. Some of you may even have what we medical people call “co-morbid conditions.” Doctors of the CMS (conventional medical system) think these “co-morbid conditions” are incidental and should just be treated symptomatically with a pill or nutrition counseling. I have seen enough of you young women with bowel problems, mostly IBS, which causes the tendency towards diarrhea and cramping and a few of you with constipation. I would like you to defy the doctors of the CMS and consider the possibility that your inability to enjoy exercise, your inability to lose “weight” and respond normally to exercise and your bowel symptoms are all related to a singular cause Isn’t this a more elegant possibility?

I would like to keep you in suspense a little longer, and lead you to thinking like a detective with your body and your medical problems, so…let us ask a few more different questions.

What is this “weight” problem? Is it fat? Is it really cellulite? Is this “weight” problem a “genetic inhertance” that you can never outrun? never fight? that the answer is surgical?

The reason why nothing works is because…you are not…normal. I do not mean this to be cruel. I mean that your physiology has never been “right.” At some point in your early life, you can recall being happy, carefree with no body concerns and…normal,. Then one day you started to turn different, unaware, until it was too late..this slow insidious “weight” gain. This “weight” is really…water…simply…H2O…how did this happen…?

Those of you who have followed my posts may already know the answer. I love, love, love talking the mechanics of the human body and this insidious change in your body came about as a result of an old high velocity injury…most frequently a car accident when you were young and skeletally immature in your teens, but this also happens to patients in their 20’s and 30’s, in fact to any patient man or woman at any age…Let me explain…

Our bodies are 70% water, right? Are we one big giant sac? The answer is no. All this water is compartmentalized in different tissue spaces. When we experience a high velocity injury, our tissues are shocked. The water in those tissue compartments experience that force in that direction. For the rest of your life those tissue live in the memory of that trauma, they continue to live under the control of Newton’s First Law of Motion, regarding inertia. Any object in motion will tend to stay in motion, unless it is acted upon by an outside force, and that any object, not in motion can be impelled into motion by an outside force. The water molecules and all your tissues and every neuron in your brain were perfectly fine one day, then all of a sudden a car accident happened, the force of which propelled those compartmentalized molecules in a direction. You get out and everyone, including you, think that you are OK. My working theory is…you are not OK, and that you will never be OK unless someone else (a Traditional Osteopathic physician, like me) helps you. We cannot defy Newton’s First Law but we can certainly use Newton’s Third Law of Motion, the law of equal and opposites to prove to you the truth of the problems of your body. In summary, the car accident happened to your body (and caused all these physiologic derangements) and someone has to get it out.

Now, the question for me is how do I safely guide you to its proof, without endangering you? This will be a lengthy exposition with some precautions, so I will need to do it on another post…stay tuned.


Pure Baby

Posted July 5, 2014 by letrinh
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Last week I saw a beautiful baby that I have to say is pure beauty and perfection…of tissue. You would argue with me, all babies are beautiful and perfection…I had to post about this experience because this was a special case…This 6 month old was so alert and watching our discussion very clear eyed. But they all do, you say…As I was doing the physical exam, he was lean but his tissues, the feel of him, firm, real of pure substance (no excess subcutaneous fat, just enough), his range of motion in his legs and arms, full, even and balanced (not too loose, not too tight, hardly any residual fetal tensions in hips). As a pediatrician, I see a lot of babies, his feel was real. I have never treated him osteopathically and he should never need it…It must all that wonderful breastmilk…on top of that the extra food that mom is preparing for him…it must be the kale too…Okay, I am in awe…Most of my mommies breastfeed, but to get your infant to eat the extra that he is already getting through your breastmilk and for him to like kale, that is amazing…i told his mommy that i was going to blog about this…Most of you are wondering, Big deal, why is she raving about his ‘feel?’ Look if you have seen the before and after treatment photos and videos, my hands are super sensitive and know things (far beyond mere mortals) just from the nature of the osteopathic work. i am raving about this means that the less real feel of formula fed babies comes from a false food that imparts a strange otherness that is not ordinarily recognized and so is presumed to be ‘normal.’ So this means that the junk we eat is used to rebuild and remodel a false infrastructure…So how do we maintain health, remain disease free if the underlying structure is not what it should be…

Speech and Other Oral Issues

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My older girl is 5.5 years. When she was toddling about and starting to form words, I noticed that the right side of her lips would tweak over asymmetrically to the right. When she started to speak more words, her tongue would stick out and then deviate to the right. Watching her, I knew that this was something beyond her control. She did not actively thrust that tongue out. It was as if, there wasn’t room back there so it couldn’t shorten, fatten and tuck itself back there. The only way for it to have room is to narrow and lengthen and poke out. I carried so much guilt for so long thinking that I did something, if not causing it, then exacerbating it. I took her to several DO colleagues, but I did not see any effect. I resolved to have patience and wait until she was old enough to understand and then train her to train it. Last night was the first time in 5 years that I had hope of curing her. But first, let me introduce how I came upon this concept and how it is that I have reached this one fantastic conclusion…

I have been frustrated in the last several years with cases of complicated children. These children had various manifestations of structural issues: 1) a brother with tight hard head, his sister severe knock-knees, constipation, and allergies; 2) there was another child who was severely cone-headed, chronic thumb sucker who was diagnosed at age 3 with “dyspraxia;” 3) a pair of sisters with chronic middle ear infections; 4) 2 brothers and their sister with multiple chronic allergies, multiple idiosyncratic drug reactions, anxiety, OCD behaviors and disordered sleep. They all had one thing in common – tight hard craniums. It was driving me nuts! I could not figure them out. I know I don’t suck. I know my business (we doctors are risk averse, one does not decide to open an office in Beverly Hills, Ca without some confidence of success). Really, its not me…It’s them, It’s you, all you complicated cases out there are just a great big pile of garbled strains too difficult to untangle for mere mortal doctors, MDs and most DOs for that matter. So what contributed to these hard heads?
The common denominator…high velocity traumatic vectors, all car accidents…in the maternal pelvis…years prior to conception. I have concluded that the force and momentum of the collision is impressed into the body so that it is incapable of maximal physiologic expansion during pregnancy, so that it ‘keeps’ the memory and strain pattern in place, even as the baby develops. In other words, your baby was…formed in chaos. From thereon, health problems ensue…’imperfection’ unfolds…All these kids responded when I treated them as if they themselves were in the same accident as their mommies. Respectively, the mommies of the children above, experienced 1) t-bone motor vehicle accident, 2) t-bone, spin and flip – as 3 separate car accidents over the course of 20 years, 3) mother fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into a tree, 4) got thrown out of a moving car at 40 mph when she was 5 years old, rolling down the street for 100 yards – talk about chaos…shee-eesh.

In the past four months, I have been treating myself for my t-bone car accident when I was 18 years old. It was so minor, passenger car door mildly dented in a parking lot where the other driver was going maybe 10 mph tops. I had forgotten it. I treated myself and am still astounded by the degree of its effect on my physical body, all this time, unbeknownst to me.

So last night, I reached the conclusion that if this theory held correct for my patients, then it should hold true for my daughter. I asked her if I could treat her head and she responded “Yes, because my S’s aren’t right.” Aaawww, 😦
I treated her as if she was t-boned in a car accident. This morning as I prompted her to say “schoolbus” and “medicines,” her lisp did not sound that bad. Her tongue still stuck out past her teeth, but a lot less, and it was closer to midline…it is all so clear now…this explains her whole origin, her beginning…in chaos…what??!! When I was carrying her in my belly, she would only settle to my left side. She did not venture to the right, the impact side…there could not have been any room. Rarely did she even move and float around in the middle. That whole ‘sidedness’ is in her being, in her head and in her formation…So I treated her specifically for it and everything seems to soften overnight…it is direct effect I see that leads me to causation…for how we are and how we came to be…

So…mommies, it you are still searching for answers…here it is…you had a high velocity impact on your pelvis when you were younger. Your child is bearing the effects of that momentum and force in their formation…I absolve you of any guilt. You did not cause nor contribute to your child’s problem. If you still have a choice for a current pregnancy or future child, please choose a C-section. Your child’s “ill health” is a late effect of a failed attempt to contain chaos…good luck to you and your child. find a DO near you, the older the better. if you don’t see immediate, at least next day results, send them this link; the higher precision the treatment the more instantaneous the changes…

ObamaCare Feedback

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It is still kind of early in the history of Obamacare, but I want to update to the world how it is already affecting us adversely on the provider side.

We have heard the reports of increased premiums and deductibles. These are real increases. My premium for myself and my 2 children used to be $250 per month with a $3500 deductible. This was insurance in every sense of the word. I paid out to contain my risk of a catastrophic health/medical event for myself and my children. Every month, I knew that the plan I chose and its cost would go to a pool. I knew, and accepted, that I would never see that money again; that my pool money would sit and pay for management of the pool and to balance and provide coverage for others who were not so lucky. Because of Obamacare, my premium went up to $440 with a $6,000 deductible. I shopped the Kaiser HMO options and they were just as high. I don’t use medical services and now I have to pay more. Where does that difference go? Have you ever wondered?

Thanks to our politicians and politician lawyers who think they are smarter and can deliver better medical care for less. Yes, they have figured it out, even better than the doctors who work within the medical system. Let me remind the public that medical school is 4 years undergrad, 4 years medical school and minimum 3 years residency training. I want you then to consider the costs of that education and who has to bear it. How much education does it take to be a politician? How much medical training or experience does a lawyer have?

As a provider, here is what i am seeing/experiencing so far. One of our good patients who had a PPO came in. They thought they had the same insurance, so we billed as usual. The response was…nothing…we did not get a payment because we were not an Obamacare provider. The check went to the patient…for…$25. Fortunately, we have a good relationship with our patients and sent them the bill for $80 for a sick visit (sick visits and urgent care visits can run between $40 to $150, depending on the facility). So the patient essentially has a $55 copay, a little over double from the old system (thanks, again guys). If we were an “approved” Obamacare provider, the check would have come to us and I would not be able to bill the patient and they would never have known how little of their premium went to paying for service. I want you to imagine all you patients out there, not fully aware of how little your provider is being paid.

In order for your physician provider to absorb all the reduced payments, if you are not aware…how would they make up the costs for the overhead (rent, employees, taxes)? The larger medical groups would hire cheaper nurse practitioners and physician assistants…you would no longer see physician providers…A lot of people don’t know or don’t care, when they see someone in a white coat, they assume “physician.” You need to know who you are talking to…ask…do not assume “doctor.” To churn out more providers, they are going to lower the bar for medical schools, allow ancillary providers to prescribe…it is going to uglier out there…i’ll keep you posted…

Mechanical Causes of Chronic Constipation

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These last several months have been amazing. I have discovered a new perspective on patients and chronic constipation…and yes, cure…It is so difficult for me to fathom, still. I have been doing this osteopathic muscular treatment for the last 14 years for patients with chronic problems. No matter the source of the structural derangement and myriad symptoms such as migraines, herniated disc, back pain, spasms, the response is never such as the ones I receive when I resolve chronic constipation. The patients with whiplash, bad hip, bad knee, limping, gimping, dizzy, not sleeping, doesn’t matter…they get relief but I never, ever, ever get immediate feedback. I know they got better because they come in weeks, months, years later or they refer friends, family or loved ones weeks, months, or years later. But this…, this takes the cake (eats it, and poops it out too, sorry, much too much?). The overwhelming immediate feedback suggests to me that there is an epidemic of constipation in the pain and chronic issues population or the conventional treatments are only adequate. Perhaps, what I am sensing is that health and normal vegetative functions are vital as the starting point of our pursuit of happiness. How can one live a normal daily life, to pursue our dreams, if the start of the day is sluggish and our sewer system is backed up by several days or, in some of my patients, a whole week. Again, how can one live to be happy? These patients, I marvel and ask them, how is it that they can still have a sense of humor or a smile on their face, or have the ability to be good parents (and not beat their children) despite their chronic constipation? They confirm that it is difficult when they are not functioning. Maybe, this year, instead of the usual cheery christmas wish for Joy to the World and Peace and Happiness on Earth, I will wish for all peoples of the world to be able to start the day with a nice, full and satisfactory evacuation.
Most of my patients have my cell.
After curing them of their constipation, the feedback is as immediate as their response. I get texts for “Hey, Dr. H., you are amazing…after I left your office, I had 3 BMs. I never have that many, ever.” or “I don’t even need my probiotics to go now.” Ok, so here is the explanation: The conventional medical system (CMS) teaches us doctors about the gut as a separate system, isolating it as a matured tract that is labelled in different parts like the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, large instestine, rectum and anus. We are to throw aside its origin in human development. When we were 2-3 weeks old in our mother’s womb, the GI system started out as a primitive gut tube, a hose. If you imagine that hose elongating, it is still the same connected tube. How does that tube fit in our body? It has to be suspended in front of our spine, hanging off the middle of base of our skull at a point/nubbin (called the pharyngeal tubercle). The whole gut tube has to hang perfectly vertical, perfectly plumb before it settles down into the pelvis. What happens to that plumb line after a patient sustains a high velocity impact? Immediately after an accident, people see and know the soft tissue injury, the whiplash, the back and neck pain. That line has been disrupted and over time after the shock wears off, the system slows down. The effect is much later so we do not attribute sluggishness of our sewers to that impact. How was I able to get my patients’ guts to wake up?
I treat the vectors of their injury. The direction in which they whiplash provides the clue. Once everything is plumb, and the parts move together synchronously, the whole thing returns to it natural state of ease and all is as it should be, effortless. So this applies to different types of high velocity injuries, as in falls. Many cases of chronic constipation result from falls to the tailbone. As you can imagine, the sacrum is almost like a couch against which the rectum rests. If it is shocked and jammed up, it will hamper the tissue overlying it. I also have a number of cases where there are bowel issues such as “irritable bowel syndrome” from what I call ‘other non-standard univectoral falls.’ Why do you suppose the sewers are ‘irritable’? They are upset, they are sluggish and unhappy. They types of falls are really difficult to treat. This is where the ‘art’ comes in. We have to be able to tell where, how and when the jammed up parts want to free up.

More on Vaccines and the CMS

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Today I met parents who were looking for a new pediatrician. The one they had previously selected had promised to be vaccine friendly. When the time came, they got the talk and some nudging towards starting. They did not like the pressure and felt like they got the bait (yes, we can go slow on the vaccines) and switch (when the time came, eyeball rolling). As they told me about their baby, I became concerned. The baby was one and a half weeks overdue. Labor was slow, difficult and lasted 3 days, yes, 3 days. At 3 weeks of life, she stopped breathing and got purple around the lips. The dad had to do CPR. They went to the hospital and were told they see this “all the time.” They suggested, that she really did not really need the CPR, that she would have “come out of it.” They wanted to know if I could affirm their concerns and would support their decision to not vaccinate. I absolutely agreed. This child’s life started off with some degree of difficulty. If mom could breastfeed out to 6 months, this is the last child I would want to vaccinate, if at all! Parents, I want to shout out to you to trust your instincts. Do not let anyone force you to do something that feels wrong. I need to explain to you how they, the doctors of the CMS (read my prior post on the CMS) think. They, regular pediatricians, believe that she should be vaccinated according to the newest latest schedule; maybe especially because she had some early issues. They need “protection” of those vaccines. However contrarian my perspective, I think my logic is more sound. Her neonatal head was clamped down through a 3 day process. She needs time for that head to decompress and the brain and nervous system need a chance to develop. Ninety-five percent of the blood pumped into the brain drains out of the veins in the back of the skull. With that difficult delivery, those drainage vessels are kinked. Any products circulating in the blood can easily be deposited in the brain. So parents, here are some signs to be concerned.
Babies born by difficult delivery should be carefully examined to make sure that the soft spot is soft and pulsating. Hard tight, small and poofed out spots are reflective of pressures that are not allowing the skull plates to expand. Look for veins on the scalp that bulge or faint purple spider veins around the eyelids (read my prior post “Doctor, what is that blue mark on my baby’s face?”). Difficult labors that are too long (more than 16hours) or too painful, is a harbinger of problems to come. Usually, poor progress is a result of past traumas to the maternal pelvis which leave the deep pelvic muscles in chronic spasm. In delivery, they cannot relax and phase with the symphony of events that are important to vaginally pass the baby. When the baby comes out, there is a weak cry, there is poor latching, poor nursing. The baby grows to be fussy, arches a lot, has frequent spit ups that eventually become “reflux.” The baby stiffens up and is too alert. Yes, parents, you need to go with your gut. Take heart and keep searching for answers.

ObamaCare Consequences

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Ok. maybe i should have posted this earlier and it just seems that i am piling on, but i wanted to hear what people are hearing and saying so that i can contribute to what is not known out there. so what i hope to add from this post is a small bit of back-end, inside baseball information that you can share with this info with others.

I went to a recent meeting where a medical billing expert (who is on a CMS expert panel) discusses the history of coding and how the government rules and regulations try to define, label, codify, and value the work that healthcare providers provide. In discussions we shared with each other a few informative tidbits…Because everyone is going to get healthcare, there will be an increase in demand, but the supply of professionals is limited…the question that has to be asked is where are we going to get the professionals to provide the services?…the government answer is really easy…we will just lower the threshold for medical acceptance entrance exams of those people who sign a statement that they will be going into primary care. i predict that the ‘quality, affordable healthcare’ from the PCP, primary care provider, will come from newly minted lowered standard physicians or nurse practitioners or even physician assistants. That is the healthcare future for all…not only that…

Several months ago a colleague of mine was recruited by sales people to join the new Obamacare Medical ‘construct.’ President Obama’s wonderful new model for affordable healthcare, called Accountable Care Organizations, is going to reward those involved in the ACO for taking “good” care of patients and financially penalizing for not doing a “good, or good enough” job.

1. if this was such a wonderful thing, why do they need salespeople to sell this to the providers? to rope them in?
2. it sounds like Obamacare is just repackaging the HMO concept, only now it will cost the providers if the patients are non-compliant “bad” or “difficult” or complicated patients; how is that supposed to incentivize the best?
3. at the top of the ACOs, the organizing entity around which all services revolve is the hospital. hospitals are run by MBAs whose bottom line is shareholders and their own salaries, benefits and parachutes. they have no compunction about charging over 600% for a tylenol tablet to a post-surgical patient because they are sick, whereas in most doctors offices, we buy the tylenol ourselves and give it to the patients who need them, so they feel better (and we generally do not charge, we bundle it up as part of the full visit).

some things for you all to discuss…there is probably more i can share with you, more inside baseball stuff…i think this is good enough for now, so you can all stew over it a bit…