New Book & Rethinking Reviews

Hello all,

My new book below, Osteopathy for Children, is now officially available on Amazon.  My publishers would like to thank you ahead of time for your 5 star review of my book that you will post here at

So far the direct feedback I have been given are appreciated.  Please feel free to comment however you wish.  For whatever you have to say, my feeling is that either extremes make the review more “real.”

For instance, when I read Yelp reviews and I see over 50 reviews of someone, and they are all perfect, I want to “call it BS.”  Of course they were prompted to do it, so it is all fake.  I have read my own reviews and applied my contrarian views to myself.  I have been advised several times to respond to the “bad” reviews because the professionals have told me that it really affects people’s decisions.  I have read other doctors responses to bad reviews and it seems like it is too much for me.

  1. if I have time to address every bad review, then I must be a not so good doctor because I am trying to reel in more patients; even the ones who can’t find the balance between the good and the bad.
  2. I really do not have time because I am too booked seeing patients.
  3. I could farm out the responses, but then it would not be me and that would really be fake.
  4. My worst review and my best were written without my being aware of them:
    1. the worst – people will just have to read between the lines to get a sense of the person writing it; it was a frustrating relationship for me too.
    2. the best – Thanks Hillary! seems to me so genuine because it is and because I did not even think to ask.  Man, what a compliment, I never thought was MIT material.


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2 Comments on “New Book & Rethinking Reviews”

  1. mariam Says:

    Dr. Hoang

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for answers on my baby’s weird head shape and vivid blue veins on the side of his head and a small blue line between his eyes. He is 6 months old, born via c-section but had a few head falls. I am now very concerned. I Live in Egypt and I have never heard of a pediatrician who practices osteopathy. I will buy your book as soon as I can but I need information on what I can do now to fix this?? Is there a way you can assess his condition via photos/videos/tests of any kind. I am at a loss.

    • letrinh Says:

      the good news is he is very young. how weird is the shape? even if it is very bad and only cosmetic, even this can be helped; we still have plenty of time. dealing with the head most general pediatricians want to make sure that the child is developing normally and want to make sure that there are no neurologically; if he doing well, then you have time to learn about what is going on and how cranial osteopathy can help. I am glad you will be reading the book. It will give you more information than a regular pediatrician can provide. for example: “weird shape” but symmetrical at the eyes and ears is good as opposed to “weird” but asymmetrical at the eyes (do the eyes track and move normally?) or the ears (implies balance and coordination issues) which is not so good and may affect quality of life. First thing first. Have his pediatrician look at him and get reassurance that it is: not that bad, may even out over time, that there are no neurological or developmental issues; then read the book; Italy is big on osteopathy. I can find you people there if this is the path you choose. i am open to a video conference later after you do more homework. There is nothing you can do yourself or right now, just being careful and not allowing injuries, falls, further head traumas.

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