Achieving Greatness

Several weeks ago I treated a patient with a 4-5mm lumbar disc herniation.  He strained his back several times doing the exact same thing (lifting) over the course of 10 years.  The mechanism of injury was simple to understand and treat.  It took three treatments. He came back from vacation pleased as punch with a wide smile; he was able to walk on his vacation and only had a little pain walking uphill.

 This week, I received two separate requests to treat quadriplegic patients…

Once patients experience osteopathy in the hands of a traditional osteopathic physician, it is something so profound and amazing…something they have never experienced before…the question always arises…

why is it that so few people know about Osteopathy?   why are there so few traditional Osteopaths?

 in my prior posts i try to explain all this…
 the cost of a medical education is exorbitant, but necessary.  we understand the human body – the anatomy, the biology, the biochemistry, the embryology, the physics and mechanics of it all.  in terms of skills, it takes so long to develop the hands on ability to accomplish immediate, dramatic tissue changes, very few of the 65,000 DO, osteopathic physicians strive to do so.  most end up using our hands to write prescriptions, can you blame them/us?  how else to pay back a $250-300,000 debt?

ultimately, those of us who do it, do it because we love it.  we aspire…to greatness…to profoundly help the body effect changes in as few treatments as possible, so that the patient is done, to not need medications, to go off and return to normal life and not need us.

 the first part of this answer is that there are so few of us, and even fewer who do this so well…
the second part is that when we do achieve a fair amount of buzz and word of mouth, we are busy and become quite booked; then opportunities present themselves that help us to…disappear.
and so…i have to announce that this will be my last post, in this current form…i am working on a new format…how will you find the newest and latest on my findings?  sign up on this blog, i check it daily. when the hits reach a critical mass, and i know there is enough demand, there will be impetus for me to show myself again…i am really excited about my latest discovery: Arthritis-Schmarthritis…

until then, if you are still searching…continue searching, find a traditional osteopathic physician and good luck to you…

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