Unusual Symptoms

It has been a while since I last posted and I am now supercurious.  I continue to see unusual things.  If I am seeing these kinds of cases, then I have to believe there are plenty of you out there who are searching…For example…Doctor,…

My Child Has Chest Pain (and the Cardiologist says the heart is fine)

My Child Gets Sick All the Time

I Have Trouble Swallowing Water

I Have Anxiety After Neck Surgery

I Have Digestive Problems After C-Section

I Have a Red Face

Is There a Cure for My Bell’s Palsy? (yes)


a lot of you out there have ocular migraines while you are driving!  what??!!! why, of all things you could possibly do, would it come out with driving????

how many of you out there have been injured, damaged by chiropractic cracking?


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