Doctor, My Elbow is Numb!

Today, I mentioned this to one of my patients and she…got goosebumps, the creeps, the heeby-geebies.  I am treating her for insomnia.  Her insomnia is so bad, she is off of work and on disability to for it.  The heavy duty prescription sleep aids do not even work for her.  Her psychologist is fearful that she might fall asleep while driving and kill herself.

I described one of my very first cases that confounded me and had me scratching my head for the longest time.  Needless to say, this old case reminded me of the exact same tissue changes I currently feel now.  Read my prior post Cracking is Bad.

You patients out there, it is a small area on the outside of your elbow.  This is a minor symptom of a completely…disrupted…fractured…nervous system.  In short, you are really messed up.   You got a lot of things going on.  They all seem disparate, like lots of separate different things going on in different parts of your body that might require the attention of multiple specialists.  If you had them attended to, then the meds option did not take you too far.  Never fear, there is always an answer.

But why only a patch on your arm?  Again read Cracking is Bad and Ligamentous Laxity.  It will explain pretty much everything.  Your body can recover from the damage you allowed others to do to it.  You can be treated.  You can heal.  You can be cured.   It will take me 3 times as long (if you are fairly young, under 50).  The general rule for most (untouched, uncracked) people is for however many years you are in strain, that is how many months should should expect for recovery to take…well…triple that and that is the probable ball park around which it will take even when you find a really skilled set of hands of a traditional osteopathic physician.

9/19/2011  Update:  since i posted this blog, there have been a few of  you out there inquiring about this specific problem; i suspect that this is not your only problem; i suspect that you guys have neck pain, headache, heavy legs and more; this weekend I flew out to Indianapolis to talk to a very old retired physician and he gave me incredible insight into this issue of the numb elbow.  I have to tell you to look for a couple of things on your body…on the same arm of the numb elbow, dig the fingers of the opposite hand into this armpit.  if you feel tight tendons and sore knots of muscle, these knots are choking off the blood and nervous supply to the rest of the arm.  You can go to your PCP or a neurologist and ask if your exam shows you to be hypertonic and hyperreflexic in the arms and legs.  if yes, then stop all manner of anyone touching you for any sort of pain, stress or tension…you will pay for it eventually.  i am working on developing this issue, sign up to this blog, i monitor traffic, we will work out a plan…eventually.

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