Hello all.  It has been a couple of weeks sinces I have posted.  I want to share with you the aspirations of us traditional osteopathic physicians.  By now you have a sense of how special this traditional osteopathic hands on stuff is to me, to us.  We love this work.  It takes so long to be this good.  It costs so much in terms of time, dedication, work, and yes, in dollar terms as well.  We do it because it has meaning.  It is profound beautiful work.  For our patients, we want them to understand their body, connect with the health that resides within, do the best that can be done, naturally and avoiding drugs, needles, scaples as much as possible.  The OMT work serves to guide the patient back towards the roadmap of health.  Once that memory is rejiggered, you no longer need us nor any other doctor or ancillary health care provider (including, podiatrist for arch supports, dentists and bite guards, massage therapists and deep tissue, yes, even, theoretically, glasses and optometrists/ophthamologists).  In what other medical field is the ultimate goal…you leaving us…to go out on your own…to be healthy?  Remember, I have said this before and I will say it again.  The mechanically unstrained body does not need anything or anyone. 

In doing this work we learn from our patients how to be better physicians. Most normal physicians want to spend time with our patients and to be compensated for the investment we have made in our knowledge, skill and experience.  Ultimately, what we want for ourselves is to be able to solve a case in as few visits (for the patient) as possible.  Patients are thrilled!  After wasting their time and money on multiple specialists who charge them, but then don’t get them any tangible results, the $500-$1,000 is the best cash they ever spent.  The trust is that philosophically, we want what you want, which is to not come back because you are better.  While we ambitiously strive for this goal, we continue to develop our treatment skills…we aspire…to greatness…

I will continue this thought in the next post.  In the meanwhile, it is very important that you share some of your favorite past blogs with friend, co-workers and family…

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One Comment on “Aspirations”

  1. Claire in CA, USA Says:

    I am so encouraged from reading your blog, Dr. Hoang. I will be calling your office this week to see about getting my daughter in to see you. She is 16yo, and has endometriosis, with near-constant pain.

    Thank you for doing what you do.

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