For Olga

I want to share this story Olga.  It is for you.  Six years ago, I was introducing myself to the community as a pediatrician and went to do a pediatric talk.  This family had already chosen their pediatrician and I always tell people that you want a doctor who is philosophically on the same page as you (doctors are a dime a dozen, but finding the right one for you might be difficult).  One day they show up to my office.  The baby has a rash on her bottom for 3wks.  It has worsen despite all these creams applied to the buttocks.  They lose faith in their pediatrician and remembered me.  On the exam, I notice that there are a few early spots on her face and figure her out.  I gave them directions on how to care for the skin.  In their frantic attempt to kill this rash, they have tried all manner of OTC diaper creams.  They went to the doctor for prescriptions.  Well now, this irritated skin is chemically traumatized and the ability to heal has been impaired.  I see this very frequently – Do, do, do.  I had to give them the  “Let’s Back Off Talk.”  I reccommended that they switch formula to a fancy schmancy expensive formula.  I explained that there was something unusual about her head and that we should observe it.  Everything clears up and plays out as I had explained.  Months later she has a cold.  She had been so healthy.  What happened?  What changed?  What did you do, mom?  The formula was getting too expensive and mom went back to the cheaper formula.  This happened several times and I could always spot it a before she went in the exam room.  Mom finally got it and finally stuck with the expensive formula.  As we watched the baby grow, her head started to get lopsided.  We had ‘The Talk.’  I presented the two options for the plagiocephaly (Read my prior post on Plagiocephaly and Other Malformed Infant Heads).  They did not trust me (even after all the issues with the skin and formula) and opted for the helmut.  I did not like it, but it was their choice, their informed consent.  I was going to see how this would play out.  I would still be here for the consequences.

A year and $3,000 later the helmut is done and the child’s head looks symmetrical and normal.  Months later, she gets sick with colds and congestion.  The frequency of these viral infections increases.  Eventually, the mom asks the all important question.  Why does she keep getting sick?  Finally, I check her head.  I am horrified!  I feel the strain of the helmut pulling her head one way.  I feel the original lop-sided head pull the other way, one on top of the other!  I treat her and both correct somewhat.  She gets better and mom notices that the head treatments break her tendency towards getting congested and catching frequent infections.  Over time, she gets better and only comes in occasionally for head treatments. 

After these years, she is finally free.  She does not get sick anymore.  Even though he saw for himself that I was the real deal, her dad wasn’t quite sure about me and this osteopathic stuff, but his back hurts.  I think he finally made an appointment out of sheer desperation.  Over time, he slowly gets better.  He is an engineer and my explanations for his back issues make sense.  He also has proof that I know what I’m talking about because over time, he gets better and does not need to come back as much.  He then refers his mother.  Now his wife wants to experience OMT. 

There are several points to this story:  1.  sometimes we need to back off.  2. with OMT, over time, you need it and us, less and less – that is true return of health. 3. i really do know what i am doing.  just trust that the body wants to heal.  you just need it give it enough time.  do not offend it.  it does not need more trauma forced upon it.

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One Comment on “For Olga”

  1. Jackson Chia Says:

    And it’s all true…

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