My New Dentist…

My newest dentist is my third dentist and of course he is…an Osteopathic Dentist.  What?, I never heard of that kind of a dentist, you say.  I knew about him but never had occasion.  I generally don’t drink soda, don’t eat sweets, brush and floss twice daily.  As with medicine, for my dental health I am a minimalist.  If you make generally healthy decisions, you, too, do not need to be a consumer.  In my last post, I warned you to stay away from all of us.  Do not trust anyone who has a vested interest in doing something to you.  Now come on, vision check once per year?  Dental cleaning twice yearly?  Xrays yearly? With every new dentist?

When I first met my husband, he told my that a he had a bridge.  My first reaction was, “What’s a (dental) bridge?  Isn’t that for old people?”   He got it when he was a teenager, when his parents paid for it.  Since then, he has been a very good and compliant patient.  Subsequently, he had another procedure called ‘root planing.’  What???  I think my husband is too nice, too trusting.  One of his good friends became a dental hygienist and checked him and sadly informed him that he had an unnecessary procedure.  I love my in-laws and now I have a sneaking suspicion that they too are too trusting.

Here is my dental issue.  I have a back molar that has been hollowed out  and filled with ceramic filling.  Originally, I had an amalgam filling.  As a younger adult, a disreputable dentist convinced me to replace it.  To remove it, she had to carve out more, so now it has been described as a coconut.  My first dentist uncovered this fact because one day I was chewing and I grated on something, it was parts of the ceramic filling.  Three years prior this dentist removed all of my wisdom teeth.  One had a hooked root and it took him extra work to get it out.  All that work threw off the balance of my jaw and tightened up the muscles on that side.  So for  three whole years the pressures of my bite on that side slowly wore it down.  Recheck this post in another month or two, I hope to have my jaw photos before and after.  So this dentist wanted to do a crown.  My first response is “What’s a crown?  Isn’t that for old people?” Fortunately, I was pregnant at the time and he repaired the filling thinking I was okay with his plan to do something preemptively after I delivered.  Found my second dentist and he wanted to do the same thing.  This is a cash procedure.  Why can’t I wait until the coconut cracks and then deal with it?   Some really honest people/dentist would say, well, we can preserve the tooth and save you a whole lot of pain, infection and rotting if we put in a gold crown  in the future.  I say, I’m a DO I already have figured out what my face, jaw and clenching pressures are and the cause.  I have treated the cause.  If the temporary filling is strong and intact, then why not wait until it crumbles?

So I make an appointment for my third dentist, whom I am hoping will agree with me.  At this point I have become a ‘dentist shopper.’  I admit it.  I find Dr. Workman in Arcadia.  Honest.  Honest.  Honest.  He does somethings the others did not do.  He wanted an xray.  I was pregnant and we agreed NO.  He agrees and says it is okay to wait on the crown.  I have a few very small cavities, which I should eventually do, but no rush.  Then when I thought he was going to farm me out to a hygienist, he doesn’t and does the it himself! 

People, with this little story, I hope to share with you my minimalist thought process.  Stay away from all of us as much as possible.  Doctors, dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors…But then you protest, “Dr. Hoang, what are we to do if our children have small mouths and teeth are crowded, what are we to do?  What if my husband wakes up with pain in his feet and can barely walk.  How does he work?”  True.  By this time it is a little too late.  The time for prevention is long past.  The best teeth can be formed when a palate is expanded when a child is breastfed and fed a diet of foods free of processing.  Painful feet and ‘plantar fasciitis’ is always a  distal manifestation of a proximal problem.  Should have been treated by a traditional osteopathic physician, read my prior post Plantar Fasciitis is Not Plantar Fasciitis.  You will know if we can be trusted because, you should see sustained lasting results so that as you get better, you will need us less.  With what other professional will you ever see this?

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