Medicine Juice

My two year old has been on a sippy cup since 10months of age.  Most of the time it is filled with water.  Once when she was constipated, I did fill it up with diluted apple juice.   This was what was taught to me by my pediatric attending physicians at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.  Somehow, looking at it, it seemed wrong.  My frugal spartan 3rd world vietnamese immigrant instinctual struggle to survive mentality would end up usurping and superseding the first world educated doctor .   If I gave this to my little girl, she would soon think that this was going to be the normal.  So I came up a super brilliant idea…I would give her whole apple juice in a medicine cup.  I call it Medicine Juice which is exactly what it is.  This way when she is not constipated  and I want to treat her or distract her I offer her juice.  Guess what?  She automatically thinks that 5ml or 1 teaspoon of  juice is normal!  When we go shopping at Trader Joe’s she thinks it is such a treat. She gets 2 teaspoons of juice!  She eyes that little paper cup of juice and she is absolutely gleeful that momma is gonna let her have all that juice…Hee-hee-hee.  I think that if mommies are creative there are so many ways to figure things out for children.  What they don’t know, they will never miss.  Right?

Mommies, be intuitive.  Listen to your instincts.  If whatever you do removes you and your family from Our Most Natural State then it might not be right.  Ask yourself if you and your child would survive out in the wild.  Would you be able to hunt, gather and evade predators?  That leads me back to my prior post Massages for Infants and Children and in a future post/rant on Signing, Pacifiers and other observations.

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