Welcome My People!

The other day a new couple came in and wanted to meet with me and chat.  They wanted to see if we would be what they were looking for in a pediatrician.  Mom was still nursing her child at 18months.  Yeah! Good for you mom!  Her child had already received shots and they now want to slow it down.  I said OK.  They mentioned a couple of other words and were waiting expectantly to see my response.  Breastfeeding. Homeopathy.  Delaying vaccines.  Raw milk.  Goats milk.  Grass fed beef.  We don’t like soy. etc.  I guess they were expecting me to roll my eyeballs and tell them to move on.  I started talking about traditional foods and western versus eastern foods. Diet and lifestyle.  They are trying to do everything right and still the child has some issues with a rash.  That is where I come in.  There are a few facts they miss.  The clinical experience of a pediatrician is something they lack.

To them, this I say, ‘Welcome, my people.”

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One Comment on “Welcome My People!”

  1. Jessica & Baby Martin Says:

    YAAAA!!!! we are your people! we love Dr. Hoang

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