Prescription Sticker Shock FYI

One of my patients  had a migraine and I called in a prescription for imitrex.  I was so shocked when he told me that Rite Aid charged him a ‘discount’ of $165 for 9 GENERIC pills!!!???!!! Back in the old days of the allergy medication of $3 a pill, I used to think that this was a handsome profit for the drug companies.  But $18.34 per pill is

way too much.  It is almost as bad as credit card interest rate of 24% or $550 per month of health insurance ($2500 deductible/$30 co-pay) for me and my 2 girls.  Inflation is already starting to happen.

I think patients should know the exorbitant mark up that is perpetrated upon them.   This is why we see Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aids pop up everywhere.  They are flush with cash to buy properties and build.  When my pharmacy supplier charges me $3 for amoxicillin, I charge my patients $10, not a huge mark up (enough for me to recoup the up front cost and loss from expired ones) I do it to help out poor patients – these pharmacies charge $30 dollars.  When the government made H1N1 vaccine and shipped it to me for free, they THREATENED us doctors not to charge anything but a $10 vaccine administration fee, the pharmacies where charging way more – up to $30.  !!!????? where is the outrage?  where is the indignation?

Fortunately for my patient, my pharmacy contact informed/gave me the low down on imitrex.  He said that he could get it for me for $30 for 9 pills and he apologized to me because this was the best rate he could give my because imitrex only recently became generic in the last 6 months.  I placed 2 orders for my patient.

Unfortunately for me, my patient had already purchase another packet.  So now I am stuck.  Any one wanna buy some cheap imitrex?

Needless to say, my patient came in for cranial osteopathic treatment and on his 3rd visit, I found the cause of his migraines.  I got so excited.  I treated him and everything seemed to resolve.  His head settled down.  His problem ‘hip’ and leg seemed lighter.  When I get to the root cause, the problem for which patients come is resolved and as a fringe benefit other seemingly unrelated issues resolve as well.  That is bang for your buck.  Done.

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