Doctor, Why Does My Belly Look Like I’m Still Pregnant?

Many mommies have asked me this question, yes, even well after their children are grown up to 4-5 years.  The answer is simple.  The belly looks like its still pregnant because the muscles still think that you/they are still pregnant.  Over the course of 9 months the  muscles and tendons slowly stretched out under the influence of hormones.  The muscles had a chance to relax and reset their resting length up until the moment of birth.  What happens at delivery?  All of a sudden, those abdominal muscles cave in because the 20lb mass pushing out against is suddenly evacuated.  When does the automatic reset happen?  After the first baby, the reset happens almost immediately.  However, after the second child, after the second reset, things don’t bounce back quite the same.  It is even worse after a C-section.

My teachers and colleagues always instructed that every woman after delivering a child must be treated osteopathically to undue the mechanical strains of pregnancy.  I did not believe it then.  Besides, who has the time?  I bounced back well considering that I was 38.  Well, 2 years later, I am absolutely wiped out and I was too concerned with the second one to care about myself.  I certainly did pay for it. 

Mommies, you are going to recognize these symptoms.   I started getting  headaches  in the back of my head.  I never get headaches…until now.  Combined with the lack of sleep, the babies’ cries of hunger sound even more shrill.  You become more wound up and the baby recognizes it.  This ultimately interferes with the bonding process.

These symptoms are common to all mommies who deliver vaginally.  Why?  Because the memory/strain pattern of delivery is still in the tissues.  Untreated, mommies will years later still have the pouch.  

On Sunday October 17, 2010 I will have a reduced rate OMT clinic in Pomona just for women who have delivered at least 2 babies.  Mechanical correction alone will take between 10-15minutes.  If you are interested, call the office and get on the waiting list, 626-358-2500.

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