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My Big Fat Bunion IV

September 18, 2010

my yucky bunion

Wait till you see this.  I let my toenails grow just to show you that it really is a few weeks later.  Same foot.  Same toes.  My feet feel great.  The toe does not ache.  But I can not take it any more.  I have to cut the toenails, the length is driving me crazy.  As a reminder, I treated the big fat bunion and it was amazing the stuff, the strain letting go, I kept yammering on about it through the posts.  Then I decided to treat the other toe because my history of wearing 3 inch clunky heels would affect even the better foot.  I was disappointed that there was no tingling sensations.  This is understandable because it was not in pain or even discomfort.  To my suprise, even the angulation on the good toe is improved.

So here you have it – proof that bunions do not require a surgical solution.  It was gentle.  It was amazing.  I believe I may call this a CURE FOR BUNIONS.  If you opt for surgery, just beware what you will be getting into.  Read my blog on Bunion and Valgus Knee – Carla’s foot looks curled in.  Of course! Surgery causes scarring and the tissues tightens, contractures and turns in.  Weight bearing becomes altered and callouses form on different places on the foot.


There is Something Wrong with My Baby – update #3

September 17, 2010

Regan is now almost seven months.  All that old head trauma birth strain is behind her.  Her head shape is beautiful and symmetrical.  The veins are gone.  Her fontanelle is soft and open.  Unfortunately, she is now starting to teeth.  I start to suspect that I will never catch up on my sleep.  This is a person who gave up a surgical residency to do pediatrics.  My husband says that I don’t have beauty sleep.  I have nice sleep. 

Because of her early sleep issues, Regan abhors that car seat.  She absolutely hates it.  She is so unpredictable now.  She is rarely on schedule.  Sometimes she naps well.  Sometimes she doesn’t.  It varies.  Last night we planned something different and she slept for four hours straight.  Which means mommy slept for four hours straight.  It was so nice.  I think that might have been the fifth time in seven months that I slept more than 3 hours straight.  Thank goodness.  I am so grateful for those four hours.  Who knew one could be so thankful for such little sleep?

Mommies…if your child has sleep issues, your child has mechanical cranial strain.  Children do not know they hurt.  Consequently, they manifest health issues in the form of behavior.  Remember, any deviation from our most Natural State, will leave us at risk to be lion lunch meat.  That means that it is a problem.  If a child, person, anyone is sleep deprived they cannot function.  Searching for food, catching food, cooking food and running away from predators is very important.  If you are too tired for that you would be gone.  If a child sleeps heavily while mom is out searching for food and a predator is around, they will be lunch.

When a patient has cranial strain, they will always have disturbed sleep.  A good osteopathic manipulative treatment will always resolve this.  Do not settle for less.  Any other forms of ‘manual treatment’ will only be second rate.  Only and osteopathic physician can render OMT.

Insurance Hell

September 16, 2010

Okay.  Here it is.  This may be one of my most important posts yet.  Why?  you ask, (all three of you).  Because I am sick and tired of it and I am biding my time.  I will speak  the truth because I am fed up.  Done.  Then in a couple of  months I will feel the pressure to take this post and delete it.   So, share it with your friends and pass the link around because it will not last long…I will share with you the low down and dirty…

Sorry, I need to get political for just a little bit.  When President Obama insisted on the need for healthcare reform he showed himself to be hostile to doctors.  We are the enemy.  We put ourselves through minimum 11 years of education (4 years college, 4 years med school and minimum 3years training) at a heavy financial cost.  He wants to subjugate us and enslave us to his idea of what he thinks is right.  After all that debt and schooling, he wants us to do less for patients and see more patients (increase our volume) and decrease our charges; a consequence that would put us at increasing risk for lawsuits so that his buddies can sue us. Great.  Common sense tells you the quality will decline, to the quality of government cheese.  Then, when he stated as a fact that pediatricians make money taking children’s tonsils out, I was personally offended.  Why didn’t anyone stand up to him and defend us?  (I have to say only Rush Limbaugh did). He showed himself to be just another ignorant politician.   First, we are not surgeons.  We do not actually take a scapel and cut out the tissue.  This is a procedure.  You have to be trained to do this kind of thing.  Then you have be licensed for it.  Then you have to be insured for it.  If you are a renegade, you might just do it without all these pesky in between steps but that would put those 11 years and a quarter million in education at risk.  Doctors aren’t known to be risk takers.  Second, the government is all up in our business.  If I accepted money for referring my patients to a surgeon, that is illegal, that is called a kickback.  So, the nitwit lawyer does not even know what he is talking about (didn’t all his aides warn him?) In my area, all the ENTs are good decent people.  They are not friends.  I do not socialize with them.  We are not buddies.  I like that the relationships are professional.  They are easily severed if there is any hint of nonsense.  I refer and when I get feedback I then change my referral pattern or not.  Most often we refer, at least I do, to other doctors who are philosophically similar. 

The government sets rules for payments, after all it is the biggest of all payors.  MediCare.  How does this affect pediatricians?  The bean counters crunch their numbers and figure out what a disease is worth, essentially.  How difficult is a visit?  How much time was spent?  How much was done?  They set the payment for visits.  Insurance companies follow suit.  If the government pays 1 dollar, some insurances set their rate at between 70 -80 cents on the dollar.  The government is a big fat teat.  Many take succor from it.  There is fraud.  The government can audit.  If the i is not dotted or t’s cross, the documentation weak, then there is fraud.  Prosecution can lead to fines and imprisonment.  Insurances do the same – with the exception of the jail part.  I chose to not have the government involved in my business, I do not wish to suckle on the government teat.

Because they (govmt and insurance) generate volume and numbers, doctors offices should generate  patterns.  If you deviate from that pattern then something is fishy.  Everything is standardized and people are herded like cattle in numbers.  The problem is that is statistics.  Remember the bell curve?  Most of us fall smack dab in the middle.  We can take pills and injections, no problems.  The ones who get screwed up are the outliers.  Sorry guys, your bodies don’t act like everyone elses, but you are subjected to the same rules.  You know who you are.   You too are fed up with the system.  You are the ones who need the tailored medicine services of the traditional osteopath.

For pediatricians, those suckling on the govmt teat, to pass inspection you  need a $20K crash cart.  Once you pass inspection, then they will ship you vaccines for free (because they purchase it).  You hard working middle class people need to hear this.  Federal mandate states that all children regardless of economics should get vaccines for free.  So children walking into any free health clinic, no charge.  For insurers, they are mandated to cover vaccines in part.  So you might have a coinsurance.  If it doesn’t bother you because can afford it, no problem.  If finances are tight, you still have your share, tough luck.  Those whose offices, like mine, are private, we have to pay out of pocket for our vaccines first.  Yes, buy the vaccines first and store them in our refrigerator.   Then when we administer them, then we get to bill for them, to recoup the loss.  But the law allows the insurers 90 days to pay.  How do you like that?  You go to McDonald’s to buy a hamburger.  They make you pay right then and there.  Imagine that!  There are other issues and incentives that I should probably talk about, but it is too much for now…

Those of you who choose to use insurance, you get what you pay for.  Insurance pays for the orwellian double plus ungood CMS misthink.  It is okay if you fall within the statistical norm.  The Conventional Medical System is a biostatistical model.  To get that bell curve, you have to treat the population in mass numbers, like cattle.  Again, it is okay to think this way to cover the mass immigrant influx, to protect for the greater good and if it is all you can afford.  It is only when you fall outside of the norm, and I am beginning to suspect that those of you who do, number in the 20% of the population range; that is, of 300 million Americans, 240 million of you people can go to any board certified doctor in any area and can pretty much ignore us DOs.  That leaves 60 million who need us.  With only (high gross estimate) 5,000 DOs doing traditional osteopathic manipulative treatments, well, your odds of finding one of us is pretty slim…

What am I going to do about this insurance hell?  Ha.  I will be teaching soon.  Clinically.  I am going to teach new young doctors to be good DOs.  I will teach them not to bother with insurance.  I am getting good enough now that in this last month, patients who come to me, I have already figured out their mechanical strain and am able to deliver 90% results in less time.  I am excited for the next 30 years.  When I get busy, I will start to cut off insurances.  Ha.  The truth is those of us who are good enough to work hard to deliver results should not be constrained by nonsense.  I have heard of DOs who are so good, they just work out of their homes, treat for 15-20 minutes and charge $50.   That will be my longer term goal.  Go under the radar. Go underground.  Drop insurances.  Drop malpractice.  Just word of mouth.  Line up first come, first served.  Yahoo!  I look forward to my future liberation.

The Conventional Medical System

September 15, 2010

I have come to realize my true purpose with this blog.  This is a great platform for me to talk about what the conventional medical system (CMS) would do for a case.  I want to showcase to the world how they of the CMS think.  Whenever I come up with a great thought and this happens everyday while I am educating my patients, I think, I have to blog this.  I want to share with all of you how I came to my conclusions and why and how it leads to results.  This way you can evaluate which method seems more logical.  The nice thing about being an American osteopath is that we are physicians and surgeons licensed and trained for any specialty on parity with our MD counterparts.  I trained in pediatrics in an MD institution and let me tell you, I can not talk to them on the same level/page most of the time.  Quite frankly I find it to be a chore.  Rather, I enjoy discussing strain patterns and disease and treatment of these strain patterns with my colleagues -it is more challenging and rewarding.  When I am treating a patient and educating them, they believe that I know what I am talking about because they can feel that their body is responding.  I prove myself everyday. 

This has been a month of stupendous results.  I find that if I figure out a patients cause, I am more likely to get them 90% relief.   People are coming in left and right.  It is great.  Word of mouth spreads like wildfire.  I also find that when I go in asking  and chatting with them, how they feel usually leads me in the right direction.  Most people when they hurt they describe things so specifically that you have to take them at there word and find a mechanical explanation.  I am starting to believe that there is ALWAYS an answer.   I am especially proud of my ARCHES blog because it shows you my thought process for searching out a cause for a specific problem.  You can see that it is methodical and logical so long as the right questions are asked.  And the final proof is instaneous tissue changes that result in RESULTS.

Please continue to read my blogs on this journey.  Hopefully, I will have cases and discussions that will help you see the error of their (CMS) ways. Unfortunately, insurance pays for CMS thinkers. The correct questions will always point to answers that will lead us back to Our Most Natural State, a pain free state of pure unstrained mechanics. 

BTW, I have decided that my YouTube channel DOCTORHOANG will be dedicated neat results, video, and testimony of unexpected conditions.  I figure people talking about this pain and that pain doesn’t give people hope.  I will post the amazing results and change of heart videos.


September 13, 2010

Every time I have a huge epiphany, I think, “I need to blog this.”  And so here it is…I was visiting an MD pediatrician friend of mine.  She took her 3 year old daughter to see a podiatrist, who, pretty much, did nothing for her.  Now my friend wants me to refer her to a children’s orthopedic doctor.  It seems that her left foot flattens out.  Other terms for this ‘condition’ are ‘flat foot’, ‘excessive pronation’, ankles roll in, yada-yada-yada.  The first question to ask is why is it just one foot?  Why not both?  Is she truly flat of feet?  So we start with a gross examination of the feet without weight bearing and the effects of gravity.  She sits down and looking at the underside, plantar surface, she does have a mild arch on both sides.  No, she is not truly flat footed.  Then we watch her walk.  Yes, the left medial arch flattens and the foot rolls on the inside.  Most people think the the next logical step is to fit her shoe with an arch support.  Oh, she needs an arch support.  Wrong.  The pure mechanically unstrained body should not need anything.  This will be problematic as a child’s foot will grow.  Fit her every 3rd month as she grows?  Impractical!  What if she wants to wear sandals or flip flops?  Future non-compliant patient.

As an osteopathic physician, I want to think differently and ask different questions.  Through the mid-phase of her step, why does the arch not hold on the left?  Why does the right one do pretty decent job.  If she were prone to flat feet, why not both?  But then we saw that without weight bearing the arches look pretty much the same.  The answer simply for why the left arch gives in is that the load that is borne by that foot is much greater than the right.  She is mechanically strained.  Remember, that for us osteopaths, ‘disease’ is the end point of  a process of strain.  How do I know?  I know that she is a rambunctious little girl; they call her their ‘little monkey.’  Many times I have seen this little girl tumble, fall, hit her head.  She has multiple traumatic strain.  Her body is heavier and denser than a girl’s should be.  I check her pelvis and it is tight and stuck.  This makes sense.  When she walks, the hip looks tight.  It feels tight.  She can not swivel and pivot.  The load of her body standing up against gravity is unequally distributed over the left and right pelvis.  I examine the bones and they are heavy and dense.  i will have to prove I am right.  I proceed to treat her.  Ta-dah.  The bones change right under my hands.  I instigate and witness tissue transformation.  The pelvis  no longer feels tight.  She gets up and we watch her walk again.  Her mother and I observe that the left ankle does not roll as much.  The arch seems to do a better job.  My friend asks what should we do next.  Should she make an ortho appointment?  I replied no.  All she needs is another visit.

I was talking and trying to figure out Carla and her feet.  Carla mentioned that  she needs arch supports.  I asked why?  She replied that she needs something soft up against her arch so that there is something cushy for the arch to sink into.  I was perplexed by her answer.  The purpose of an arch is to support weight.  If I walked through a doorway arch, I should have no fear that the structure above my head will cave in on me crush me to death.  Architectural, structural arches are not designed to give.  Why should our feet be that way?  The answer is that our feet should not be that way.  That in fact, our arches should be structurally solid able to bear the load of slim body standing upright against gravitational pull.   In our most natural state, hunting and gathering to survive and feed our young, we walk.  We do not sit around all day, storing calories in fat cells.  Our feet should be calloused from all that walking .  Our arches would support our slim frame.  If we could not run away from our predators, those of us with weak arches would not survive. 

I then had another thought.  Looking at ancient structures that have withstood time, how come those arches maintain?  Do you ever see braces and struts up against these arches?  No!  Have you ever seen an ancient roman aqueduct in need of  repair ? Of course people have been conditioned to think that they NEED.  No, if you NEED, then you are strained.  You have the option to have me, an osteopathic physician, figure out why and where you are mechanically strained, treat you once and resolve your issues.  But of course that is never the case.  Because one single mechanical strain does not cause pain, most people are satisfied with a  simple shoe insert.  Most people are even okay with being talked into buy fancy-schmancy custom orthotic arch supports.  It is only after multiple strains that people start to hurt that they go to a doctor, usually an MD.  Once they hurt, people go to all kinds of lengths to get relief.  By the time people get to me, they have layers and layers of junk strain and even mechanically induced strains from chiros, PTs, even deep tissue trauma (from even massage), of course it is more work for me.  Please people, if you just deliver yourself as a pure unadulterated mechanical strain, it will be easier to prove to you.  Keep reading and I hope I can convince you.

Short Leg and Scoliosis after Fracture

September 6, 2010

See?  I told you guys (all three of you) that this month would be the month of the leg, knee, foot and ankle.  This is Kristine.  Five years ago she broke the tibia, her lower leg bone right around the middle shin.  She was casted.  Six weeks later she went to physical therapy.  Two months later she continued to complain about pain.  We had to do a second referral for physical therapy.  At the time, I thought it was weird and I was skeptical that PT could do anything.  I mentioned something about osteopathic manipulative treatments to the mom at the time but it was a no-go. Thereafter, I heard nothing from the parents.  This month, she returned for a school physical and lo and behold…what did I find?  I found a scoliosis secondary to a short leg.  They reminded me that that was the leg that was fractured.  I recalled my concern that PT would not remove the traumatic strain and I was curious as to how she would later manifest.  Remember, to us traditional DOs, ‘disease’ is the endpoint of a process of strain.  The conventional medical system would watch the scoliosis.  If they agreed that there was a short leg then they would fit her for a shoe lift.  That still would not treat the cause.  I treated Kristine one time.  Pretreatment, I measured the difference to be 3/4 inch, wow, big difference.  For those of you who are curious, I measured from the middle of the knees and down across to the inside ankles.  On measure and remeasure after her first treatment, the difference was 1/8th inch.  In the after photo, the mom and I were really quite skeptical.  It could not have changed that quickly!  You guys be the judge.  But as a second double check, I raised up her shirt and looked at her pelvis.  It was more level!  I have to say, I am still shocked and skeptical.  If this really did improve, then I have a new found respect for the human body that is a dynamic biological system pliable and capable of immediate change. Amazing.  See for yourself.  Note the difference in the angulation of the lower leg.                                                                                                                         

Valgus Knee and Bunion

September 6, 2010

Okay.  So this is going to be a month of knees and feet.  Carla came to me with this.  What is wrong with this picture?  Seven years ago she fell directly on the left knee.  One year later same thing, direct trauma to the knee.  Most people who fall on their knee repeatedly, they hurt.  Their knees don’t start to turn in our out and move this way or that.  What is going on here?  What is the set up?  There must be some pre-existing condition that would cause these changes.  Yep.  The set up is both upstream and downstream.  Carla has had toe surgery.  The tissue has scarred up and the foot is no longer flexible.  It can no longer adapt and accomodate the traumatic strain from above.  After an initial exam, she also has a scoliosis.  Lo and behold, two anchor points above and below.  Needless to say, she responded very well to osteopathic manipulative treatments.  The knee made significant improvement after the first visit and we will continue to get it better on subsequent visits.  The scoliosis is getting better.  I can not do too much for the toe because of scar tissue but Carla does report that the  whole toe is no longer numb.  Below, is the after photo.  Great isn’t it?