I need to apologize to Judith.  Judith came in during my amazing month of treatment epiphanies.  I was cleaning up people left and right.  Just before Judith’s visit  Ray came in.  He knew exactly how long he had his back pain.  He knew what caused it (‘putting up a wall’).  I figured out the strain and proceeded to treat.  His body responded.  I felt it.  It was his first and only visit.  We got him back to 90%.  He was amazed and very happy.  There was the short leg I stretched out in one visit.  There was Danny who was in a horrendous car accident.  His knees would hurt and swell.  Finally, I resolved that it was basketball that was causing his knee problems and wouldn’t you know it?  Treating for basketball, we were done in 30mins and he said his legs felt lighter (all his previous visits were some good response after 1 hour).  There was Deanna.  I felt her body change and I saw a look in her eye that told me I should capture her response on film

After  her second visit, Judith suffered a severe treatment reaction.  I, in my arrogance, thought that I could figure her out and completely resolve her old strains.  Judith, I apologize for not doing enough of a good job.  I used too much force on your wrist and hands.  I did not carefully check you to make sure you were balanced before sending you out.

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2 Comments on “Retraction”

  1. Judith Says:

    Dear Dr. Hoang:
    I wanted to say hello and tell you that after a week, today 10.05.10 I feel a “little” better (I felt =10, today I feel =9). Just 1 point less, but for me is the beginning to be very well. I told you I have hope on your hands. Fornthisnreason, I would like to ask you if the osteopathic could help my only son who is really tired because for long time he can’t breath well -I could say almost nothing through hIs nose-, the most time he breaths by his mouth. We think he has his partition wall totally block. Do you think could you help us about?

    Please, Dr. Hoang, excuse me because I know I made mistakes with my English, but you know just I’m learning and the most important to me is talk to you about my health and now to ask you about my son’s health.

    Thank you so much for your answer, your help, your time and for the love which you do your important job. As we decide, I’ll be with you in a week.

    God bless you forever!

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