Alright.  I have to talk and educate about this because a young woman did ask me about it.  She told me I should blog about it because other women would want to know too.  First the anatomy lesson.  Our inside organs are lined with tissues that need a layer of moisture.  The moisture is mild lubrication, it is produced and resorbed.  Under hormonal influences, it is normal to have a clear, odorless ‘cleansing’ small discharge.  That tissue is just like the mouth.  The mucosa is delicate.  Some people like to gargle with mouthwash.  Frankly, I hate it.  Listerine is medicine-y.  Scope has that synthetic -fake- sugar taste.   After the menstrual flow, everything is hunky dory.  Even the last day is a ‘cleansing’ day.  It is after doing the nasty and the exchange of body fluids that women consider using the douche. 

What is available out there?  I don’t like any.  The low % vinegar solution is like the listerine.  Do you really need it?  Just like your mouth, you can just rinse with water.  How?  Buy the plastic bottles.  Unscrew or squeeze out the solution and continue to sqeeze out the air in the bottle.  Then leave the spout under the running faucet and release.  The release will create a vacuum and suck in the tap water.

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