There is Something Wrong with My Baby – update #3

Regan is now almost seven months.  All that old head trauma birth strain is behind her.  Her head shape is beautiful and symmetrical.  The veins are gone.  Her fontanelle is soft and open.  Unfortunately, she is now starting to teeth.  I start to suspect that I will never catch up on my sleep.  This is a person who gave up a surgical residency to do pediatrics.  My husband says that I don’t have beauty sleep.  I have nice sleep. 

Because of her early sleep issues, Regan abhors that car seat.  She absolutely hates it.  She is so unpredictable now.  She is rarely on schedule.  Sometimes she naps well.  Sometimes she doesn’t.  It varies.  Last night we planned something different and she slept for four hours straight.  Which means mommy slept for four hours straight.  It was so nice.  I think that might have been the fifth time in seven months that I slept more than 3 hours straight.  Thank goodness.  I am so grateful for those four hours.  Who knew one could be so thankful for such little sleep?

Mommies…if your child has sleep issues, your child has mechanical cranial strain.  Children do not know they hurt.  Consequently, they manifest health issues in the form of behavior.  Remember, any deviation from our most Natural State, will leave us at risk to be lion lunch meat.  That means that it is a problem.  If a child, person, anyone is sleep deprived they cannot function.  Searching for food, catching food, cooking food and running away from predators is very important.  If you are too tired for that you would be gone.  If a child sleeps heavily while mom is out searching for food and a predator is around, they will be lunch.

When a patient has cranial strain, they will always have disturbed sleep.  A good osteopathic manipulative treatment will always resolve this.  Do not settle for less.  Any other forms of ‘manual treatment’ will only be second rate.  Only and osteopathic physician can render OMT.

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