The Conventional Medical System

I have come to realize my true purpose with this blog.  This is a great platform for me to talk about what the conventional medical system (CMS) would do for a case.  I want to showcase to the world how they of the CMS think.  Whenever I come up with a great thought and this happens everyday while I am educating my patients, I think, I have to blog this.  I want to share with all of you how I came to my conclusions and why and how it leads to results.  This way you can evaluate which method seems more logical.  The nice thing about being an American osteopath is that we are physicians and surgeons licensed and trained for any specialty on parity with our MD counterparts.  I trained in pediatrics in an MD institution and let me tell you, I can not talk to them on the same level/page most of the time.  Quite frankly I find it to be a chore.  Rather, I enjoy discussing strain patterns and disease and treatment of these strain patterns with my colleagues -it is more challenging and rewarding.  When I am treating a patient and educating them, they believe that I know what I am talking about because they can feel that their body is responding.  I prove myself everyday. 

This has been a month of stupendous results.  I find that if I figure out a patients cause, I am more likely to get them 90% relief.   People are coming in left and right.  It is great.  Word of mouth spreads like wildfire.  I also find that when I go in asking  and chatting with them, how they feel usually leads me in the right direction.  Most people when they hurt they describe things so specifically that you have to take them at there word and find a mechanical explanation.  I am starting to believe that there is ALWAYS an answer.   I am especially proud of my ARCHES blog because it shows you my thought process for searching out a cause for a specific problem.  You can see that it is methodical and logical so long as the right questions are asked.  And the final proof is instaneous tissue changes that result in RESULTS.

Please continue to read my blogs on this journey.  Hopefully, I will have cases and discussions that will help you see the error of their (CMS) ways. Unfortunately, insurance pays for CMS thinkers. The correct questions will always point to answers that will lead us back to Our Most Natural State, a pain free state of pure unstrained mechanics. 

BTW, I have decided that my YouTube channel DOCTORHOANG will be dedicated neat results, video, and testimony of unexpected conditions.  I figure people talking about this pain and that pain doesn’t give people hope.  I will post the amazing results and change of heart videos.

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