Short Leg and Scoliosis after Fracture

See?  I told you guys (all three of you) that this month would be the month of the leg, knee, foot and ankle.  This is Kristine.  Five years ago she broke the tibia, her lower leg bone right around the middle shin.  She was casted.  Six weeks later she went to physical therapy.  Two months later she continued to complain about pain.  We had to do a second referral for physical therapy.  At the time, I thought it was weird and I was skeptical that PT could do anything.  I mentioned something about osteopathic manipulative treatments to the mom at the time but it was a no-go. Thereafter, I heard nothing from the parents.  This month, she returned for a school physical and lo and behold…what did I find?  I found a scoliosis secondary to a short leg.  They reminded me that that was the leg that was fractured.  I recalled my concern that PT would not remove the traumatic strain and I was curious as to how she would later manifest.  Remember, to us traditional DOs, ‘disease’ is the endpoint of a process of strain.  The conventional medical system would watch the scoliosis.  If they agreed that there was a short leg then they would fit her for a shoe lift.  That still would not treat the cause.  I treated Kristine one time.  Pretreatment, I measured the difference to be 3/4 inch, wow, big difference.  For those of you who are curious, I measured from the middle of the knees and down across to the inside ankles.  On measure and remeasure after her first treatment, the difference was 1/8th inch.  In the after photo, the mom and I were really quite skeptical.  It could not have changed that quickly!  You guys be the judge.  But as a second double check, I raised up her shirt and looked at her pelvis.  It was more level!  I have to say, I am still shocked and skeptical.  If this really did improve, then I have a new found respect for the human body that is a dynamic biological system pliable and capable of immediate change. Amazing.  See for yourself.  Note the difference in the angulation of the lower leg.                                                                                                                         

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2 Comments on “Short Leg and Scoliosis after Fracture”

  1. Tim Says:

    I don’t get it, she grew 2cm more in one leg over a month?

    I also have 2cm LLD and functional scoliosis(convex short leg).

    • letrinh Says:

      correction – she grew normally on the untraumatized leg. the fractured leg’s growth was stunted, slowed by 2cm over the course of 4 years. as for your issues, the question is what happened with the leg to cause the convexity; as you can see, trauma in tissues can be reduced, ie, resolved so that the original (intent/state) can prevail. the easiest quicky resolution for you would be a 2cm shoe lift. but that will only crutch the cause; eventually it will spill over into something else. good luck.

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