My Big Fat Bunion III

I apologize for this perseveration.  I promise this will be my last post on my bunion.  Again, I am still amazed at how wonderful it feels.  I will probably continue to marvel at this development at least for another week (as I have done in the past over other osteopathic epiphanies).  I could not help myself.  I am a picker.  I have to ‘get’ at it.  So last night I grabbed my big toe and fat bunion joint and went at it again.  OOOh, it feels so good.  This time, I treat even the tarsal bone below the bunion.  Later in the evening, my little piggies ache and this time even the other tarsal bones ache, this area is pretty  much the whole “ball of the feet.” The foot feels so good.  Treating my toe and foot returned the foot to about 95% of what it should be.  It seems sad that I am celebrating a return to normal.  My foot had been stuck at a functional fairly decent 75% .  So now, I want the ‘normal’ foot to feel as good.  Last night I take a crack at it.  Alas!  No release.

I think I will make this bunion and feet month.  I have some great photos.  I am starting to get busy.  All this week, I am getting a lot of leg cases too.  I think my goal now is to photograph every new case if I can.  Most of the time when I snap a photo, even I am skeptical that there will be an immediate change.  I can’t wait for my next bunion case, it will be walking in next week.

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