My Big Fat Bunion II

Ok.  I am still amazed at how wonderful my R big fat toe feels.  I am an osteopathic physician.  When I do something and I find myself ‘out’, I try to remember what it was that I did that got me out of place.  I don’t let myself suffer for more than 1 day.  My husband gets treatment same day service.  My kids, I wait for about 3 days and have to be absolutely certain that the older one whacked herself way too many times before I touch her (you don’t want to mess with kids’ soft heads if you don’t have to).  I cannot believe that I waited this long to grab my own big fat toe – 33years of strain, 23 of which could not be helped, but you would think that in the last 10years of doing all this osteopathic work, I would have thought to do this.  But you know what?  This is exactly what my patients go through…no, no major injuries…oh, I just remembered the time I fell on my back , I couldn’t walk for 3days…what????!!!! of course that counts…that is a major injury… (i hear this all..the…time).

This morning, it still feels great.  Didn’t I already say that?  Why do you keep saying that, you ask (all 3 of you, my readers)?  Well…today the toe feels angulated…and the angulation feels wrong…so when I straighten the toe it feels better, right, normal…And guess what?  The icky bunion joint pops and cracks, not painful but good as in freedom…It is the weirdest feeling.  Later in the morning, I feel an achiness in my left elbow and the left 4th and 5th fingers -this resolves quickly.  Then later I get an achiness in R knee on the outside.  This is so weird.  So I’m sitting there, I decide that I am going to treat this knee.  I’m sitting down and I grab my R leg, then the ankle, then the knee, then the hip – wow…much better.  Because I am getting all these sensations from different parts of my body, I have to wonder which came first? It is the chicken/egg conundrum.  Did the traumatic force translate up my foot into my hip?  Is the leg shorter?  Is the foot small?  Was that the beginning of my scoliosis?  Man, I can go round and round with this all day.

I decide that the bunion is still there.  It looks horrible. I can feel it try to angulate.  I do not believe it will transform any time soon.  So, I am going to snap a photo, right here and now as a before picture  for all of you to see.  This way in 6 months, as a follow up, I am going to reshoot and we will all see if it is changed.  Please excuse my the condition of my toenails.  I figure as hideous as it looks, at least it is ‘real’ in that this was all unprepared and I didn’t go get a pedicure and set this all up.  Sorry, I had to load it up full size so that you can see the angulation.

my yucky bunion

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2 Comments on “My Big Fat Bunion II”

  1. Stacey Christie Says:

    Hey did you manage to fix your bunion?

    • letrinh Says:

      i think i did. it no longer aches. i don’t believe it is so hideous anymore, but then i don’t look too much cause i don’t have anything to draw my attention downward. i no longer wear heels, or rarely now. i only buy comfortable and wider shoes so the feet are really happy.

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