My Big Fat Bunion

Ok.  I had such a good treatment week.  Go view the videos on my YouTube channel – DOCTORHOANG; amazing.  Patients who paid me cash up front were so happy with their results, achieved from inspiration by Dr. Miller – a great old time Osteopath, 80 years old and retired.  I have to keep asking why? and what is the cause?  I convinced myself that podiatrists and the profession is it necessary?  In our most natural state, would we survive anyone taking a knife/scalpel to our precious feet?  Probably not.  We would have a gimp foot forever or until a predator caught us and made a meal of us and our gimp foot.

So, I looked to myself.  My feet are not symmetrical.  I had such great results with my patient, Kris and to me it is so hilarious the dilemma he is in.  He just paid for fancy schmancy orthotics which I advised him to throw away.  Then he has his fancy schmancy Nordstrom different-fitted-sized shoes.  Then I advise him not to buy new shoes.  What is the cause of my right foot being smaller?  Is it because the leg is shorter?  Is all of this a consequence of my mild scoliosis?  Why is it that my right foot has a big fat bunion on it?  In my younger days, I had a proclivity for 3 inch clunky heels.  If I was naturally prone to bunions, how come the left foot didn’t get a bunion?  Was it because it was the normal foot?  Normal size?

I thought why does the R foot bother me as a smaller foot?  Why?  If it is the smaller foot, by a half size in a bigger shoe shouldn’t it feel better with all that room?  If it is uncomfortable, isn’t it the pathological one?  I remembered that when I was 7 years old, I was running around in our front yard chasing down a chicken.  I stubbed my great toe on a sprinkler head.  Boy, did that hurt for a while. Could that be the cause?  I did not believe it myself.  So I went to foot and that great big fat toe and treated it for a compression strain.  Well, well, well…what do you know?  Something happened and it felt better. 

The next day I put socks on and shoved them into a snug pair of shoes.  Went to a birthday party.  Afterwards, guess what?  That right foot bunion felt achy.  The next day, I thought it was my imagination but the toe and foot looked straighter, bigger, and felt better.  Rats!  I forgot to take a picuture.  I grabbed the toe again and proceeded to treat it.  This time, I had the weirdest sensation.  I felt and still feel an achiness in my left 4th and 5th finger and little in my left elbow.   Wow.  Sitting here writing this, my foot and the other little piggies are aching.  I think this foot might be getting bigger…I don’t think I’m imagining it…

I’m still going to take a picture.  I’m not sure if it will change in the next month.  Who knows.  It sure does feel better.  I thought since I missed the opportunity to take a picture, I should probably offer free treatment to the next bunion patient in exchange for pictures, and what do you know, I already found that person.  Wait for the pictures.

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