Medical Mysteries

Ok. I am kinda bummed. So, about a year ago, I was polishing up my website.  I fancy myself a medical detective and hence, those lines.  People who come to me, have been through all the specialists.  I thought maybe I should remove because it sounds so corny.

Now in my tenth year of doing osteopathic work for both children and adults, I have come to the conclusion that there are no medical mysteries.  There are people who suffer unnecessarily.  Several people advised me not to remove it. 

Still, I am convinced that there are no Medical Mysteries – it is just that there is an answer, you have to have the right person help you find it.  When I solve a case, I really solve it.  Both the patient and I, we know we have reached the answer.

This week was a good week.  I had a new patient who found me because a coworker referred him.  I did not treat his coworker.  His parents drive out from another county to see me and the are getting good results.  Ray, was easy to figure out.  He is pretty much done and he left stating over and over again, “Amazing.”  I was so inspired that for the rest of the week, I decided that I want these results for all my patients.  After Ray, I was able to accomplish this for 3 other patients, 2 I videoed.  You can see them on my YouTube Channel:

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