Geniuses Are Made

People are not born geniuses. Yep.  They may be born with the potential, but it has to be tapped. I have reached this conclusion after much thought.  The beautiful infant brain that, ideally, is floating in a weightless environment freely forming for 40wks unfettered is, for the first time, challenged; either in the last trimester, last month or through birth.  Geniuses are made.  The crucible through which they are formed is not even cylindrical (that would imply even a larger volume and more space); it is conical; it is called the birth canal.  Under tremendous stress and pressure, the infant brain is squeezed down well over 66% during this passage.  Isn’t this how a lump of rock becomes a potential diamond?  On the other hand, what else do we have?  We have a whole range of rocks, big lumps, small lumps, dull lumps, unpolished lumps with or without potential, with some polish, a great big sparkling gem; a whole range of human potential.  We have geniuses, autistics, autistic savants, and unfortunately, delayed children with a range of mental retardation and behavioral issues who grow up to be all types of adults completely well adapted to who and what they are, very functional to non-functional to dysfunctional in their daily lives on various planes.

It is a double edged sword, this crucible. 

The ones that bear this silently and quietly are the boys.  They hurt and they suffer…and no one around them and not even they know it.  Some boys are such pleasant little guys, you would not know otherwise.  When I see them, hear their birth history, their feeding history, I feel (this is called an examination) their heads and then know the horrors, the pressures that have changed their heads, their tissues. 

I see so many men and dads. There is a mental sharpness that peaks out behind a quiet, never whiny, never complaining, calmly excepting exterior.  When they put their cranium in my hands, I fee all the weight, all that heaviness.  It is real, the weight of this world.  These people do not sleep.  When they do sleep, they are not rested.  Their heads are heavy, and want to sink into a cool soft pillow.  It is hard to lift that head up in the morning.  For some reason, most men do not get headache.  They seem to tolerate these compression strains okay and live with the heaviness.  After years of  unknowingly suffering this way, they usually come to me for neck and shoulder pain.   

Guys, if this sounds like you, you seriously need head treatment.  I have been doing this work for over 10 years.  I know what I am talking about.  I can pretty much say with absolute confindence that the first visit will result in 5-10% relief.

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